A Thirsty Crow Story

Write a story from the outlines given below. Add a suitable title and give a moral.

Hints: A crow looking for water —- thirsty —- finds a pitcher —- water at the bottom —- finds pebbles —- drops pebbles —- water level rises —- quenches thirst.

The Thirsty Crow

Once upon a scorching hot day, a crow became very thirsty. It flew about in search of water, but found no water anywhere. At last, it saw a pitcher in the distance and flew towards it with excitement.
But the water level was too low and it couldn’t reach it. Despite several attempts, the crow was unable to quench its thirst. However, it refused to give up and came up with a clever solution. It noticed some small pebbles lying around and had an idea. It picked up the pebbles one by one and dropped them into the pitcher.
The water level gradually rose with each pebble, and the crow’s plan was successful. The crow was overjoyed and drank to its heart’s content before flying away, feeling relieved and satisfied.


1. “Necessity is the mother of invention.”.

2. “Where there is a will, there is a way”

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A Thirst Crow Story


a thirsty crow story writing for class 6

Write a story from the outlines given below. Add a suitable title and give a moral.

The Thirsty crow story with pictures | a thirsty crow story for class 7 | The thirsty crow and the pitcher story pictures

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