An Honest Wood-Cutter Story-Writing

An Honest Woodcutter Story Writing

Write a story from the outlines given below. Add a suitable title and give a moral.

Hints: A poor but honest wood-cutter — used to cut wood in a forest beside a river —- his axe fell into river by chance —- started to cry —– Water-Goddess first appeared with a golden axe and then with a silver axe —– wood-cutter refused to take —- Water-goddess brought original axe —- wood-cutter took it —– water-goddess rewarded wood-cutter with all the axes for his honesty.

An Honest Wood-Cutter

Once there lived a poor wood-cutter in a village. Though he was poor, he was honest. Everyday he used to go to the forest to cut wood. He earned his livelihood by selling wood in the market. One day while cutting wood beside a river, his axe slipped out of his hand and fell into water. The axe was the only means of his daily earnings. He became very sad thinking how he would maintain his family. So he sat beside the river and began to cry.
Hearing this, the water-goddess took pity on him. She appeared before him and asked him, “Why are you crying?”. The wood-cutter told her of his misfortune. After hearing all, the water-goddess dived into water and brought a golden axe. Then she said to the wood-cutter, “Is it your axe?” Seeing the axe, the wood-cutter said, “It is not mine”. The water-goddess dived again and came out with a silver axe. The wood-cutter refused to take it as it was not his axe too. For the third time, the water-goddess went back into water and came back with his real iron-made axe with wooden handle. “That’s mine”, the wood-cutter cried out happily. He became very delighted and thanked her. The water-goddess was impressed by his honesty. She offered him other two precious axes as reward.

Moral: Honesty is Best Policy.

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An Honest Wood-Cutter Story-Writing

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