Important Phrasal Verbs for Madhyamik

Important Phrasal Verbs for Madhyamik

Important Phrasal Verbs for Madhyamik LIST OF IMPORTANT PHRASAL VERBS 1. Bear away- জয়লাভ করা  (win) 2. Bear with- সহ্য করা (Tolerate/Endure) 3. Break with- ঝগড়া করা (Quarrel) 4. Bring out- প্রকাশ করা (Publish) 5. Bring up- লালন পালন করা (Rear) 6. Call off- বাতিল করা  (Cancel) 7. Call up- স্মরণ করা হয়েছে (Remember) 8. Carry on- চালিয়ে যাওয়া(Continue) 9. Carry out- কাজে পরিণত করা  (Execute) 10. Come down- কমে … Read more

Madhyamik ‘Fable’ Important Questions and Facts

GIST of “FABLE” Ralph Waldo Emerson Fable MCQ Quiz: Click here 1. The quarrel was between- Ans: the mountain and the squirrel 2. ‘The former’ refers to- Ans: the mountain. 3. ‘the latter’ refers to– Ans: the squirrel. 4. ‘Little Prig’ was called to- Ans: the squirrel 5. The squirrel was called ‘Little Prig’ by- … Read more

Madhyamik ‘Our Runaway Kite’ Important Questions and Facts: Unit-3

GIST of “OUR RUNAWAY KITES” Unit- 3 1. A month after the kite was cut, the narrator’s father received a- Ans: letter 2. The letter was from- Ans: the narrator’s father’s sister, Aunt Esther. 3. The narrator’s father had- Ans: a brother and a sister. 4. The narrator’s father left home after- Ans: quarrelling with … Read more

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