Old Farmer and His Four Sons Story

Write a story from the outlines given below. Add a suitable title and give a moral.

Hints: An old farmer —- four sons – lazy and selfish —- quarreled one another —- old man worried about —- his good words —- sons did not care —- asked servants —- bring a bundle of sticks —- sons asked to break —- but none —- bundle loosened —- single stick —- broken easily —- sons understood —- unity is strength.

An Old Farmer and His Four Sons

Once upon a time, there was an old farmer who had four sons. Unfortunately, all his sons were lazy and selfish. They were always quarreling with each other over small things, which made their old father very worried. He always tried to advise them with good words, but his sons didn’t care.

One day, the old farmer had an idea to teach his sons a valuable lesson. He asked his servants to bring a bundle of sticks. When the bundle arrived, he called his sons and asked them to break it. But none of them could break the bundle.

Then the old farmer asked his sons to separate each stick from the bundle and try to break them again. To their surprise, they were able to break the single sticks easily.

At that moment, the old farmer told his sons, “Listen to me, my sons. Just like the bundle of sticks, if you have unity, no one can harm you. But if you keep fighting among yourselves, anyone can harm you easily.”

His sons understood the message and promised to always work together as a team. From that day on, they stopped fighting and started working together to make their family stronger and happier.

Moral: “Unity is strength.”

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old farmer and his four sons story

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