Grapes are sour Story-Writing

Grapes are sour Story-Writing

Write a story from the outlines given below. Add a suitable title and give a moral.

Hints: A fox hungry………. sees some grapes……….. tries to get them………. fails to do so……… consoles himself saying grapes are sour………. Moral.

The Fox the The Grapes

Once upon a time, a fox was very hungry. So he was searching for food in the forest. After some time, he came to a vineyard. He was very tempted to see the ripe grapes. But the grapes were hanging very high. He wished to eat a delicious meal of the ripe grapes. So he began jumping to reach the grapes. But alas! The bunch of the ripe grapes were so high that he could not reach. However, the fox tried again and again but failed each time. The poor fox became very tired as he repeatedly and continuously jumped to reach the bunch of the ripe grapes. He took rest for a while and then tried his best again. At last, he could understand that there was no hope of getting the grapes. So, he went away dejectedly and broken heartedly. He consoled himself by murmuring, “The grapes are sour.”

Moral: The Grapes are Sour.

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Grapes are sour Story-Writing

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