Voice Change Exercise Present-Indefinite-Tense

Voice Change Exercise Present-Indefinite-Tense

Here we are sharing Voice Change Exercises of Simple Present or Present Indefinite Tense. You can also check the answers of the exercise by clicking “Show Answer” button below the exercise. Keep practicing.

Voice Change Exercise

Simple Present or Present Indefinite Tense

Affirmative Sentences:-

1) The dog chases the cat.
2) The students solve the problem.
3) The company manufactures cars.
4) The government controls the economy.
5) The company hires new employees.
6) The gardener waters the plants.
7) She writes a story.
8) She helps me with my homework.
9) He gives her a present on her birthday.
10) Raman teaches us English.
11) We watch movies in the cinema.
12) They sell flowers at the market.
13) The children love ice cream.
14) The cat chases the mouse.
15) She writes short stories.
16) The artist draws a sketch.
17) The students write essays.
18) He sends the email.
19) I play the guitar.
20) We clean the dishes after dinner.

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Negative Sentences:-

1) The boss doesn’t praise the employee.
2) She doesn’t drink coffee.
3) The students don’t solve the problem.
4) They don’t watch movies.
5) They don’t invite me to the party.
6) The company doesn’t offer good benefits.
7) The parents don’t allow the children to play outside.
8) The teacher doesn’t assign homework.
9) They don’t tell us the truth.
10) They don’t sell us good quality products.

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Voice Change Exercise Present-Indefinite-Tense

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