Newton and His Pet dog Diamond Story Writing

Newton and His Pet dog Diamond Story Writing

Write a story from the outlines given below. Add a suitable title and give a moral.

Hints: Newton, a great scientist — went outside leaving his research papers on the table — His pet dog, Diamond jumped on the table — the research papers caught fire by a lighted candle — burnt to ashes — Newton came back and saw everything — patted Diamond gently.

Newton and his pet dog Diamond

Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientist. He had a little pet dog named Diamond. One day Newton left his pet dog at room and went out. There was a table inside the room and on the table were all his research papers. After a while Diamond woke up, jumped on the table and overturned the lighted candle. The papers at once caught fire and burnt into ashes. Newton opened the door and entered the room and saw everything. Newton saw the fruits of years of hard work turned to ashes. But Newton patted him gently on the head without being angry with him.

Moral: “Bonds endure beyond the loss of worldly possessions.”

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Newton and His Pet dog Diamond Story Writing

Story writing Newton and his pet Diamond