Three Questions MCQ

Three Questions MCQ

  1. The hermit was widely renowned for his-
a) knowledge
b) simplicity
c) wisdom
d) clarity of thought

2. The Tsar stopped after digging-

a) one bed
b) three beds
c) six beds
d) two beds

3. The hermit only received –

a) poor people
b) common people
c) deprived people
d) people in real distress

4. Each time the hermit stuck his spade into the ground, he-

a) sat down for rest
b) drank water
c) wiped off the sweat on his fore head.
d) breathed heavily.

5. Having taken leave of the wounded man, the Tsar-

a) looked for his horse
b) looked for his bodyguards
c) went out into the porch and looked around for the hermit
d) walked away without informing the hermit

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6. When the Tsar approached the hermit, he was-

a) having lunch
b) mopping his hut
c) digging the ground
d) reading a book

7. Some suggested that the Tsar should have a Council of wise men to-

a) decide what was his most important occupation.
b) help him to fix proper time for everything.
c) decide who were the right people to listen to.
d) decide whom to avoid.

8. The Tsar would never fail in anything he undertook, if he knew-

a) the most important man
b) the most important time
c) the most important place
d) the most important thing to do

9. The answers that the learned men gave the Tsar were –

a) same
b) different
c) opposing
d) bewildering

10. The hermit, the Tsar wished to visit, received only-

a) common folk
b) wise men
c) kings
d) villagers

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11. The Tsar went to visit the hermit in-

a) king’s attire
b) simple clothes
c) farmer’s disguise
d) a magician’s robe

12. The hermit was-

a) frail and weak
b) healthy
c) bulky
d) strong built

13. The third question was what was the most important-

a) occupation
b) place
c) time
d) gift

14. The bearded man was actually, the king’s-

a) friend
b) guide
c) enemy
d) body guard

15. The hermit lived in a wood which he –

a) often left
b) often hunted in
c) never quitted
d) seldom feared

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16. When the king went to the wood to meet the hermit he left behind his-

a) commander-in-chief
b) the learned men
c) body guards
d) the enemy

17. When the Tsar approached the hermit he was-

a) planting flowers
b) digging the ground
c) ploughing the field
d) sitting and resting

18. When the Tsar offered to help the hermit, he-

a) accepted the help
b) refused the Tsar
c) asked to work together
d) continued working alone

19. The Tsar stopped and respected his question to the hermit, after digging-

a) two beds
b) one bed
c) four beds
d) none

20. The Tsar wanted to know the right time to-

a) talk
b) work
c) end anything
d) begin anything

21. To answer his three questions the Tsar had invited-

a) Scholars and learned men
b) Priests
c) Soldiers
d) Doctors

22. The bearded man had been wounded by-

a) The Tsar
b) hermit
c) body guard
d) his brother

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23. The bearded man wanted to kill the Tsar because-

a) he wanted to sit on the throne
b) he wanted to take revenge
c) he wanted to rob the Tsar
d) he was a murderer

24. The body guard was waiting for the Tsar-

a) in the forest
b) outside the hut
c) outside the forest
d) in the hut

25. The hermit only met-

a) ordinary folk
b) royalty
c) poor people
d) scholars

26. The Tsar had executed the bearded man’s–

a) father
b) son
c) uncle
d) brother

27. Seeing the Tsar, the hermit-

a) greeted him with a smile
b) offered him water
c) offered him food and shelter
d) greeted him and went on digging

28. When the Tsar went out into the porch and looked around for the hermit, he was-

a) sowing seeds
b) digging beds
c) nursing the wound of the
d) speaking to the wounded man

29. When atlast the blood ceased flowing the man revived and asked for-

a) food
b) water
c) medicine
d) shelter

30. The wounded man swore to revenge himself on the Tsar because-

a) killed his brother
b) unprisoned his brother
c) seized his kingdom
d) executed his brother and seized his property

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Three Questions MCQ

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Three Questions MCQ Three Questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

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