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strong roots mcq | Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) of Strong Roots | Strong Roots Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with answers for Class – 12th | Strong Roots MCQ with answers | MCQ of Strong Roots by APJ Abdul Kalam

1. Kalam’s ancestral house was built in the middle of the

a) 19th century
b) 20th century
c) 21st century
d) 18th century

2. The locality where Kalam spent his childhood was predominantly-

a) Hindu
b) Muslim
c) Jain
d) Buddhist

3. According to Kalam’s father, whenever one feels lonely he starts looking for-

a) company
b) friend
c) enemy
d) mentor

4. Kalam remembers his father starting his day at-

a) 4 am
b) 5 am
c) 6 am
d) 7 am

5. Kalam normally ate with-

a) his father
b) his brothers and sisters
c) his mother
d) the outsiders

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6. According to Kalam’s father since adversity always presents opportunities for
introspection, we must try to-

a) understand its relevance
b) accept it.
c) blame others and find their faults.
d) propitiate demonic forces with prayers and offerings

7. Kalam’s father followed his routine till-

a) early sixties
b) late sixties
c) till his death
d) late fifties

8. The ancestral house, in which Kalam lived, was made of-

a) brick
b) cement
c) brick and cement
d) limestone and brick

9. Kalam’s parents were widely regarded as-

a) proud parents
b) an ideal couple
c) successful parents
d) fortunate parents

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10. Kalam’s father possessed-

a) great innate wisdom
b) true generosity of spirit
c) divine power
d) great innate wisdom and true generosity of spirit

11. Kalam says, he was born into-

a) a lower middle class family
b) a middle-class family
c) a very poor family?
d) a considerably rich family.

12. Rameshwaram was famous due to the presence of-

a) old Mosque
b) old Church
c) Shiva temple
d) none of these

13. Strong roots is part of-

a) an autobiography
b) a biography
c) a story
d) an essay

14. Adversity always provides opportunities for

a) introspection
b) restrospection
c) circumspection
d) inspections

15. Jainulabdeen’s coconut grove was _______________ miles from his house-

a) one and half
b) three
c) four
d) four and half

16. Jainulabdeen started his day at 4 a.m. with-

a) namaz
b) breakfast
c) morning walk
d) plucking coconuts

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17. Jainulabdeen could convey complex spiritual matters in simple down to earth-

a) Tamil
b) Telegu
c) Kannada
d) Malyali

18. _____________ always presents opportunities for introspection.

a) Impossibility
b) Possibility
c) Adversity
d) Inevitability

19. The name of the high priest of the Rameshwaram Temple is-

a) Pakshi Laxmana Shastri
b) Ashiamma
c) Jainulabdeen
d) Abdul Kalam

20. According to Dr. Kalam’s father, during prayer-

a) one becomes part of the cosmos
b) the cosmos becomes one
c) part becomes whole
d) cosmos is distributed into parts

21. Dr. Kalam lived with both Hindu and Muslim neighbours-

a) peacefully
b) amicably
c) in stress
d) lovingly

22. Dr. Kalam lived on the __________________ Street-

a) Muslim
b) Mausoleum
c) Mosque
d) Monument

23. Dr. Kalam’s mother’s lineage was more _____________ than his father’s.

a) superior
b) distinguished
c) aristocratic
d) lowly

24. The number of people who ate everyday at Dr. Kalam’s house were-

a) very few outsiders
b) only the family members
c) more outsiders than all the family members put together
d) no outsiders but the villagers

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25. Dr. Kalam’s father had-

a) neither wealth nor power
b) neither formal education nor power
c) neither formal education nor wealth
d) neither wealth nor respect

26. The Shiva temple was ______________ walk from Abdul Kalam’s house.

a) ten minutes
b) twenty minutes
c) ten hours d) two minutes

27. Abdul Kalam’s ancestral house was built in-

a) the end of the 20th century.
b) the middle of the 19th century.
c) the middle of the 20th century.
d) the end of the 19th century

28. One of the forebears of A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s mother had received the title-

a) Bahadur
b) Khan
c) Maharaja
d) Zamindar

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strong roots mcq | Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) of Strong Roots | Strong Roots Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with answers for Class – 12th | Strong Roots MCQ with answers | MCQ of Strong Roots by APJ Abdul Kalam

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