Questions and answers of The Proposal

Questions and answers of The Proposal

1. When Lomov offers the meadows to Natalya, she
a) calls her father
b) agrees to marry him
c) takes the offer as an insult claims to have
d) refuses to marry him

c) takes the offer as an insult claims to have.

2. Lomov claims to have inherited the land from his
a) parents
b) great grand father
c) late uncle
d) late aunt and her husband

d) late aunt and her husband.

3. When Chubukov called Natalya, she was
a) washing clothes
b) shelling peas for drying
c) having lunch
d) instructing her workmen

b) shelling peas for drying.

4. The area of Oxen Meadows is equal to
a) three dessiatins
b) five dessiatins
c) four dessiatins
d) two dessiatins

b) five dessiatins.

5. After hearing Lomov’s proposal Chubukov is ‘off his balance’ with
a) joy
b) anger
c) hatred
d) disgust

a) joy.

6. The peasants belonging to Natalya’s Father’s grandfather had the free use of the
Meadow’s for
a) thirty years
b) twenty years
c) ten years
d) forty years

d) forty years.

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Questions and answers of The Proposal

7. Lomov bought the dog from Mironov for
a) 130 roubles
b) 120 roubles
c) 125 roubles
d) 135 roubles

c) 125 roubles.

8. The peasants of Chubukov’s grandfather used to bake bricks for Lomov’s
a) aunt’s grandmother
b) aunt’s grandfather
c) grandfather
d) uncle

a) aunt’s grandmother.

9. What is the format of the play ‘The Proposal’ ? –
a) one-act play b) tragedy
c) comedy d) farce

a) one-act play.

10. Lomov feels a pull during sleeping –
a) less than twenty times
b) more than twenty times
c) twenty times
d) nineteen times

c) twenty times.

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11. According to Chubukov, Squeezer was left behind on the Marusissky hunt
because –

a) he had two defects
b) he was hit with a whip
c) he got twisted by another dog.
d) he was bitten by Guess.

b) he was hit with a whip.

12. Chubukov assumes that lomov has come to
a) ask for his daughter’s hand
b) borrow money
c) argue about the possession of oxen meadows
d) borrow the threshing machine

b) borrow money.

13. Lomov says if he gives himself time to think and hesitate he will never-
a) be able to propose
b) be able to marry.
c) be able to claim his right over Oxen meadows
d) be able to prove that Guess is better than Squeezer

b) be able to marry..

14. Lomov is already –
a) thirty-five
b) thirty
c) forty-five
d) forty

a) thirty-five.

15. Lomov might feel ‘pull’ while sleeping-
a) twenty-five times
b) twenty-nine times
c) twenty-six times
d) twenty times

d) twenty times.

16. Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov is a-
a) merchant b) landowner
c) peasant d) doctor

b) landowner.

17. Chubukov first addresses Lomov as-
a) angel b) precious
c) treasure d) darling

d) darling.

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18. Lomov wants to drink some water because-
a) he was feeling thirsty b) he was not feeling well
c) he was getting excited d) he was getting upset

c) he was getting excited.

19. Lomov says, he has come to honoured Stepan Stepanovitch to-
a) pay a New year’s Eve visit b) to trouble him with a request
c) to borrow the threshing machine d) to argue with Natalya.

b) to trouble him with a request.

20. Chubukov says that Lomov can count on Natalya’s consent for marriage because-
a) even she has reached a critical age b) She is love-sick
c) She has no option other than marrying Lomov d) Lomov is a Landowner

b) She is love-sick.

21. “I Shall try to be brief” — The speaker is-
a) Chubukov b) Lomov
c) Natalya d) Nastasya

b) Lomov.

22. According to Lomov, his aunt’s grandmother gave the free use of Oxen Meadows to-
a) Natalya’s father b) Natalya’s grandfather
c) Natalya’s father’s grandfather d) the peasants of Natalya’s father’s grandfather

d) the peasants of Natalya’s father’s grandfather.

23. Natalya claims that they have had the land for nearly-
a) hundred years b) three hundred years
c) four hundred years d) five hundred years

b) three hundred years.

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Questions and answers of The Proposal

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