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Three Questions

1. What were the three questions the Tsar wanted to find answers of? What did he announce to get the answers to those three questions? Could the learned men satisfy him?

Ans: The Tsar thought that if he could know the answers of three specific questions, he would not fail in anything. Those three questions were:

(i)  What was the right time to start any action?

  (ii) Who were the right people to listen to and whom to avoid?

and (iii) What was the most important thing to do?

📔 He had it announced throughout his kingdom that he would give a great reward to anyone who would give him the answers of those three questions.

                📔 No. They failed to satisfy the Tsar.

2. Who was the bearded man? Why did he ask for the Tsar’s forgiveness?

Ans: The bearded man was the brother of the person whom the Tsar had killed and taken away his property.

📔 The bearded man decided to avenge his brother’s death by killing the Tsar. So when the Tsar came to the forest to meet the hermit alone, the man followed the Tsar. But the Tsar’s guards recognized him and stabbed him. Injured, the man ran towards the hermit’s hut. Then the Tsar took care of his wound and healed him. The next morning the man confessed that he came to kill him to avenge his brother’s death. But the Tsar saved his life. So he asked for the Tsar’s forgiveness.

3. What were the hermit’s answers to the three questions? Which answers do you like the most and why?

Ans: The hermit’s answers to the three questions were:

(i)  The right time is the present time, because it is the only time when we can have any power.

(ii)  The most important person is the one with whom you are in a particular moment; Because no one knows if he will deal with someone else.

(iii) The most important thing is to serve that person because that is the sole purpose of our life.

                📔 Each of the three answers given by the hermit is relevant and very significant. But I like the third answer more. In today’s fast paced life most people have become self-centered. They worry so much about their own good and bad that they don’t care about the people around them. But the hermit has explained that the purpose of life is not just to think of oneself, but to devote oneself to the service of others is the sole purpose of life.

4. Why did the Tsar visit the hermit? How was he dressed? Why was he dressed so? What was the hermit doing at that time? (2+1+1+2)

Ans: The Tsar was looking for answers to these three questions – What was the right time to start any work, who was the most important person to listen to and what was the most important thing to do. But when none of the learned men could give him satisfactory answers, the Tsar visited a hermit who was renowned for his wisdom.

📔 The Tsar went to meet the hermit in simple clothes.

📔 Since the hermit did not receive anyone but ordinary people, the Tsar went to meet him in simple clothes, hiding his true identity.

📔 When the Tsar went to meet the hermit, he was digging the ground in front of his hut. After addressing the Tsar, the hermit began to dig again. He was very weak in nature and with each of his blow into the ground, a little earth was rising and he was breathing heavily.

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