Class 4 Model Activity Task English September

Class 4 Model Activity Task English September

এখানে শিক্ষাদপ্তর থেকে দেওয়া চতুর্থ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজী বিষয়ের ‘Model Activity Task 2021 3rd Series (September)’ এর প্রশ্নগুলির উত্তর আলোচনা করা হয়েছে। তোমরা বিষয় ভিত্তিক খাতায় উত্তরগুলো তৈরি করো।

Class 4 Model Activity Task English September, 2021


Answer the following questions:

a) Why was the forest dark?

Ans: The forest was dark because the dense trees blocked sunlight.

b) Describe the tiger.

Ans: The tiger was large, yellow with black stripes.

c) What advice did Madol give to Subol?

Ans: Madol advised Subol to keep quiet and not to challenge the tiger.


a) The dense trees blocked ____________ .

Ans: sunlight

b) Subol said with ____________________.

Ans: awe.

c) Madol spoke _________________.

Ans: softly.


Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense forms of the Verbs given in brackets:

a) The girl ________________ (sing)

Ans: The girl is singing.

b) They _________________ (play).

Ans: They are playing.

c) The students ________________ (write)

Ans: The students are writing.


Write five sentences on Tigers.

Ans: Tiger is a wild animal that lives in forest. An average tiger is about 4 meters long and it has a life span of about 15 years. It runs very fast. It is a carnivorous animal that preys deer and other animals. Royal Bengal Tiger is our national animal.

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Class 4 Model Activity Task English September, 2021

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