Madhyamik ‘Our Runaway Kite’ Important Questions and Facts


Unit- 2

1. The Big Half Moon is always lovely in

Ans: summer.

2. The harbour is blue and calm when-

Ans: the weather is fine.

3. The narrator and Claude had some hobby in every

Ans: summer

4. The narrator and Claude were crazy about kites in

Ans: the last summer, before Dick and Mimi came.

5. Claude learnt how to make kites from

Ans: a boy on the mainland.

6. The game that the narrator and Claude would play with kites was-

Ans: shipwrecked mariners.

7. The big kite was covered with

Ans: red paper.

8. On the kite, the narrator and Claude pasted

Ans: gold tinsel stars.

9. On the kite, they had written-

Ans: their full names- Claude Leete and Philippa Leete, Big Half Moon lighthouse.

10. There was a grand wind for

Ans: kite flying.

11. The narrator was not sure about

Ans: how she tripped and fell over the rocks when she was bringing the kite from the house.

12. A big hole on the kite was made by

Ans: the narrator, Philippa Leete

13. They had to hurry to fix the kite because

And: they wanted to sent the kite up before the wind fell.

14. They took first thing that came handy in the lighthouse because

Ans: there was no more red paper.

15. The thing that they found on the bookcase in the sitting room was

Ans: an old letter.

16. The mended the kite by

Ans: patching the old letter, a sheet on each site and dried it by the fire.

17. The kite went up like a

Ans: bird

18. The kite soared because

Ans: the wind was glorious.

19. Claude was looking foolish because

Ans: the kite was cut and he was standing with a torn thread in his hand.

20. After the kite was cut, it moved towards the

Ans: mainland.

Important words with synonyms:

(i) ripple- ঢেউ (wave, surge)

(ii) crazy- পাগল, উন্মত্ত (mad, insane, berserk)

(iii) trip- হোঁচট খাওয়া (stumble)

(iv) patch- ক্ষত প্রলেপ দেওয়া, তাপ্পি লাগানো (tuck)


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