Madhyamik ‘Fable’ Important Questions and Facts


Ralph Waldo Emerson

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1. The quarrel was between-

Ans: the mountain and the squirrel

2. ‘The former’ refers to-

Ans: the mountain.

3. ‘the latter’ refers to

Ans: the squirrel.

4. ‘Little Prig’ was called to-

Ans: the squirrel

5. The squirrel was called ‘Little Prig’ by-

Ans: the mountain

6. ‘Bun’ refers to-

Ans: the squirrel

7. The squirrel has no doubt that-

Ans: the mountain is very big.

8. According to the squirrel, to make up a year one should consider-

Ans: all sorts of things and weather.

9. According to the squirrel, there is no disgrace to-

Ans: occupy his place.

10. The squirrel accepts that-

Ans: the mountain makes a very pretty squirrel track.

11. The thing that differ is-

Ans: talent

12. ‘all is well and wisely put’ by-

Ans: the creator or god

13. The thing that the squirrel can’t do but the mountain can-

Ans: the mountain can carry forests on its back.

14. The thing that the mountain can’t do but the squirrel can-

Ans: the squirrel can crack a nut.

Fable MCQ Quiz: Click here

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