Madhyamik ‘Our Runaway Kite’ Important Facts: Unit-1

Our Runaway Kite Important facts


Unit- 1

1. The ‘Big Half Moon’ is an-

Ans: island

2. At present, the number of members in the narrator’s family is-

Ans: 6

3. The thing that helped the narrator’s family to reunite is-

Ans- a kite

4. Narrator’s father is-

Ans: the keeper of the Big Half Moon lighthouse

5. The narrator’s (Phillipa Leete) age is-

Ans: 11 years

6. The age of Claude is-

Ans: 12 years

7. The narrator’s family move over to the mainland in-

Ans: winter, when the harbour is frozen over

8. The narrator’s family return to their dear island-

Ans: as soon as spring comes.

9. According to the narrator, the funny part is-

Ans: that people of mainland pitied the narrator and Claude when the time came for them to return to their island, Big Half Moon.

10. The people pitied the narrator and Claude because-

Ans: they thought that the narrator and Claude must be so lonesome in Big Half Moon island, with no other children near them.

11. The game that was hard to play with only two is-

Ans: pirate caves

12. In winter, the narrator and Claude used to quarrel with-

Ans: the mainland children.

13. Claude and the narrator never-

And: quarreled

14. The thing that used to puzzle Claude and the narrator was that-

Ans their father didn’t seem to have any relations except them.

15. According to the narrator, it would be so jolly if they had-

Ans: an uncle and aunt and some cousins.

16. The narrator’s father looked sorrowful when-

Ans: they asked him about his relatives.

17. The thing that Claude and the narrator didn’t understand was-

Ans: his father’s reply “it was all his fault”, when they asked him about his relatives.

Important words with synonyms:

(i) pitied (past form of ‘pity’)- করুণা বা সমবেদনা দেখাতো (compassion, sympathy)

(ii) lonesome- একাকী, নিঃসঙ্গ (solitary, lonely, unaccompanied)

(iii) puzzle- অবাক করা, হতবুদ্ধি করা (baffle, bewilder, confound)

(iv) jolly- হাসিখুশি, প্রফুল্ল (cheerful, lively)


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