Madhyamik ‘Our Runaway Kite’ Important Questions and Facts: Unit-3


Unit- 3

1. A month after the kite was cut, the narrator’s father received a-

Ans: letter

2. The letter was from-

Ans: the narrator’s father’s sister, Aunt Esther.

3. The narrator’s father had-

Ans: a brother and a sister.

4. The narrator’s father left home after-

Ans: quarrelling with his brother

5. Years afterward, when the narrator’s father went back home, he found-

Ans: his brother had died and he couldn’t find his sister.

6. The name of Aunt Esther’s children were-

Ans: Dick and Mimi.

7. Aunt Esther was-

Ans: a widow who lived hundreds of miles inland.

8. Dick and Mimi discovered the kite on-

Ans: top of a tree in the woods.

9. Aunt Esther turned pale when-

Ans: she saw the kite patched with the same letter that she had once written to her brother.

10. Aunt Esther’s  mother’s or the narrator’s grandmother’s  name was-

Ans: Philippa.

11. Aunt Esther’s father’s or the narrator’s grandfather’s name was-

Ans: Claude.

12. Next day after the narrator’s father received the letter he-

Ans: brought Aunt Esther, Dick and Mimi to island.

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