how to keep your school clean short paragraph

How to Keep our School Clean

Keeping our school clean is crucial for creating a healthy and productive learning environment. A clean school not only helps prevent the spread of germs and illnesses but also creates a more pleasant atmosphere for students, teachers, and staff. To keep our school clean, we can follow some basic guidelines and tips.

First and foremost, we should dispose of any trash properly. It is important to use the designated bins for different types of waste, such as recycling, compost, and landfill. We should also avoid littering and dispose of any trash we see in the hallways or common areas.

Another way to keep our school clean is by cleaning up after ourselves. We can wipe down our desks, chairs, and other surfaces after use, and avoid leaving any food or drinks lying around. If we spill anything, we should clean it up immediately to prevent stains or odors.

Lastly, we should encourage our fellow students to do the same and remind them of the importance of keeping our school clean. By working together and taking small actions, we can maintain a clean and healthy school environment for everyone.

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how to keep your school clean short paragraph

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