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The phrasal verb “give up” means to stop doing something or to quit. It can refer to stopping an activity or habit, or abandoning a goal or pursuit. For example, “I gave up smoking last year” or “I’m not going to give up on my dream of becoming a doctor.” It can also be used to describe surrendering or conceding defeat, such as “The team decided to give up the game after falling behind by ten points.”

More Examples:

1) After struggling with the math problem for hours, Anita finally gave up and asked her teacher for help.

2) Despite facing numerous obstacles, the entrepreneur refused to give up on her dream of starting a successful business.

3) John promised to give up drinking alcohol after realizing how much it was affecting his health.

4) The athlete refused to give up, even after injuring his ankle during the race.

5) Rumpa decided to give up on the project after realizing that it wasn’t aligned with her values.

👉 Some synonyms for the phrasal verb “give up” include:
  1. Quit
  2. Surrender
  3. Abandon
  4. Relinquish
  5. Renounce
  6. Forfeit
  7. Waive
  8. Cede
  9. Resign
  10. Yield
  11. Capitulate
  12. Bow out
  13. Drop out
  14. Discontinue
  15. Cease
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give up phrasal verb meaning

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