Biparjoy Cyclone Report Writing

Write a newspaper report on the “Biparjoy Cyclone” within 150 words.

At least two people died as Cyclone Biparjoy hits India

—- By a Staff Reporter

Ahmedabad, 16th June: The devastating cyclone Biparjoy wreaked havoc on the coasts of India and Pakistan, causing widespread destruction. Homes were left without roofs, trees were uprooted, and electric poles were toppled, resulting in a loss of power for many. Tragically, two lives were claimed in Gujarat, India, as they were swept away by floodwaters just before the cyclone hit. Over 180,000 people were evacuated in both countries to ensure their safety.
Biparjoy made landfall near Jakhau, a port close to the Pakistan border, and gradually weakened from a severe cyclonic storm to a cyclonic storm with reduced wind speeds. The Kutch district in Gujarat experienced power disruptions due to the strong winds. In Pakistan, the impact was relatively minimal, with some areas in Karachi reporting rainfall. Both countries’ weather departments issued timely alerts and warnings about heavy rainfall and strong winds.
The aftermath revealed uprooted trees, debris on roads, and people seeking shelter. Responding to the situation, the Home Minister conducted an aerial survey of the affected areas and visited the Mandvi Civil Hospital to provide support. He also interacted with residents in Kathda village, assessing the damage and extending assistance for recovery efforts.

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