Tryst with Destiny Questions-Answers

BSE Odisha Class 10 English Tryst with Destiny Questions-Answers

Tryst with Destiny
Jawaharlal Nehru
Questions and Answers

Let’s read & understand:

1) What is the pledge that we shall redeem?
Ans: India made a promise to attain total freedom in every aspect, this is the pledge that we shall redeem.

2) What does Nehru mean when he says that India will awake to life and freedom?
Ans: According to Nehru after attaining the freedom there shall be new India where the heart of the nation will be new. In other words it means that our country will have new thoughts will come and India will emerge in new way.

3) What is the moment that comes rarely in history?
Ans: A moment which transforms the old to the new, where the age of suffering ends and the nation has complete freedom in every aspect, is a moment that comes rarely in history.

4) What according to Nehru, is India’s unending quest?
Ans: According to Nehru, the unending quest is for knowledge and prosperity.

5) How do we end a period of misfortunes?
Ans: India has stood strong tough times and she has never lost hope. India has always strived towards freedom and with strength and power attained freedom. India has come into new version of itself by standing strong and this is why we end a period of misfortunes.

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6) What does Nehru mean by challenge of the future?
Ans: The challenge of the future is the greater achievement and triumphs for which we need to strive hard.

7) What responsibility does Nehru speak of? Upon whom does it rest?
Ans: Nehru speaks of the responsibility of sustaining freedom. This responsibility rests on the Assembly i.e. parliament.

8) What does Nehru mean by the rising a new star?
Ans: India is the rising new star that has attained freedom and given new hope. It is the star that freedom itself from the dark rule of colonial and now shines bright as a new star.

9) In what spirit should the people of India take their freedom?
Ans: People of India should take their freedom by having free and disciplined manner.

10) Which aspects of Gandhiji’s character appeal to Nehru?
Ans: Gandhi’s struggle for making India free is something that is worth praising. It was because of his bright thoughts that acted as the torch that lightened the dark days of struggle and Indian became successful attaining the freedom.

11) What are Nehru’s thoughts about the people on the other side of the border?
Ans: Nehru considers the people who are on the other side of the border as brothers and sisters. We need to be in their joys and sorrows alike.

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12) What should the Indians aim at after the attainment of freedom?
Ans: Even after the freedom, we must not rest. We should aim at attaining equality in every aspect irrespective of the religion.

13) What does Nehru mean when he says that we have hard work ahead of us?
Ans: Nehru mean that we have to attain complete freedom in every aspect. We have to gain equality in every aspect, be it economical, social or political. We have to wipe off communalism and narrow-mindedness. This is the hard work that has to be done by us.

14) How can we co-operate with the nations and peoples?
Ans: We can co-operate with the nations and people by sending them warm greeting and wishes. And we can make promise to ourselves that we shall cooperate with them ensuring peace, freedom and democracy. We promise to have harmony.

15) What is our duty to our motherland?
Ans: We show deep respect and gratitude towards our motherland. We should be completely committed towards making India attain its complete freedom. We should bind ourselves to the service of the nation.

Let’s go beyond the text:

1) What are the greater triumphs and achievements that still await us?
Ans: Though India has achieved freedom, there are still many things that we need to conquer. We have to attain total equality irrespective of religion.

2) Has the dream of wiping tears from every eye been fulfilled?
Ans: It was Gandhiji’s dream to wipe tears from every eye. But it seems like the dream of wiping tears from every eye has not been fulfilled yet. There are still many people who suffer and have tear in their eyes because of inequality and other social problems.

3) Why have the dreams remained unfilled?
Ans: Though India has attained freedom from colonial rule, we are still in the cage of narrow-mindedness. There are people who still struggle and are deprived of even basic rights. That is why they have tears in their eyes and their dreams are shattered.

4) What are the clouds that still surround us?

Ans: There is huge economic and social gap in the India society. This gap leads the poor people to be in the state of sorrow. Also there are many children who are deprived of their basic rights and education this is also why they are in sorrow. There are many such social issues that need to addressed and give proper solution to it. Unless we focus on these problems, there will be people who will be sorrow-stricken, these social problems are the clouds that surrounds us.

5) What are the distinguishing features of a progressive nation?

Ans: A progressive nation is not just economic development of the nation, but it has many aspects that make it progressive. It implies the total freedom to the common man, to the farmers and workers. It means to fight and put end to poverty, ignorance and diseases. Progressive nations also means to have a prosperous democratic nation where people’s voice is heard and taken seriously. They have freedom of speech. There is balance in social, economic and political aspect of the nation. There is a justice in a progressive nation. In a progressive nation, every man and woman has right to live their life in a complete way.

Let’s learn some words:

1) Match the words in Column A with those having the same meaning in Column B:

Redeem —- Fulfill
Pledge —- Promise
Sovereign —- Supreme
Fateful —- Crucial
Embody —- Symbolize

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Tryst with Destiny | Tryst with Destiny Questions-Answers

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Tryst with Destiny Questions-Answers

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