Tomato Jelly Processing Writing

Tomato Jelly Processing Writing | Preparation of Tomato Jelly

Study the following points and write a paragraph on how Tomato Jelly is prepared.

Tomatoes collected —- sorting —- removing the rotten ones —- cleaning the selected ones —- smashing to extract juice —- boiling for 30 minutes —- sugar, chilli, spices mixed —- jelly prepared —- putting in sterilized bottles —- ready for dispatching to market for sale.

How Tomato Jelly is Prepared

Tomato jelly is a very delicious food which we can eat with bread. The processing of making it is very easy and it can be made through some simple steps.
At first some tomatoes are collected from market. Then the tomatoes of good quality are sorted and the rotten ones are removed. After that the selected tomatoes are cleaned in water well. Then the juice washed tomatoes are smashed for extracting the juice. Next the juice is boiled nearly for 30 minutes. Thereafter sugar, chilli, spices are mixed. After this mixing, the tomato jelly is completed. After that the jelly is put in sterilized bottles. At last the tomato jelly is ready for dispatching to market for sale.

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Tomato Jelly Processing Writing

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