Leela’s Friend Long Question Answer

Leela’s Friend Long Question Answer

Leela’s Friend
R.K Narayan
Long Questions Answers

1. “Don’t sent him away. Let us keep him in our house.” Who was the speaker and whom was it spoken to? About whom was it said? How did the person spoken to react?
Ans: Leela, the five year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Sivasanker, is the speaker here. Leela said this statement to her parents.
The above mentioned request, made by Leela, was about Sidda who came to their house in search of a job.
When the Sivasanker family badly needed a servant, Sidda came to Mr. Sivasanker asking for a job. But he could not decided what to do with Sidda so he called Leela’s mother. Still, they were confused to decided whether to keep Sidda or not. In that time Leela came and made this request to her parents. Since looking after Leela was one of their priorities among other jobs, they surrendered to the little one’s desire. Thus Sidda was appointed in the house to take care of Leela and do other domestic works.
2. “How did Leela try to make Sidda write? What was the result?
Ans: As time passed on, Leela became more closer to Sidda. She started spending more time with him. Every evening at dusk, Leela used to take the class for Sidda where she used to be the teacher and Sidda, a student. She had a box full of catalogue too. She would then command him to copy whatever she wrote. But Sidda failed to copy her. At this, she scolded Sidda and redoubled her effort to teach him.
Sidda found it very difficult to continue. He would them make an excuse and tell Leela that her mother was calling her for dinner. At this Leela immediately dropped her pencil and ran out of the classroom.
3. List the ways in which Sidda’s company make Leela supremely happy.
Ans: There are lots of things about Sidda which makes Leela supremely happy. It had always been the availability of Sidda to Leela to play with which made Leela cling to Sidda. Sidda never refused Leela to play with her rather he was always ready to play with her whenever she called him to play with the red ball. Leela used to fling the ball at Sidda and he used to through it back.
He even thrilled Leela by making her believe that the ball had touched the moon and come back. Sidda also showed Leela how the moon followed him.
Other than this, Sidda used to tell Leela fascinating stories of animals, gods, princes and pets in the castle which made Leela attracted towards him. She used to have a great thrill of being the teacher of Sidda. She would try her best to teach Sidda whatever she knew. All these made Leela supremely happy.
4. Describe the character of Sidda.
Ans: In Leela’s Friend Sidda has been described as a very responsible servant of the Sivasnaker family and a reliable and constant companion of Leela. He performed all his duties faithfully and took good care of Leela. He had a great imaginative faculty and from his imagination sprung stories that enthralled Leela. He had great power of convincing little Leela and he made her believe that he had the power to control the moon. He had no interest in studies and never learnt anything that Leela tried to teach him. He also had no idea how to prove his innocence when he was accused of stealing the chain. He remained speechless throughout and fell victim because he belonged to the lower class whose voice is never heard. He was misunderstood but was not allowed to work again in their family.
5. What message is conveyed by Mr. Sivasanker’s final words in the story: “In any case, we couldn’t have kept a criminal like him in the house”?
Ans: The above quoted line is th last words of Mr Sivasanker which exposes the class division of the society and the utter indifference of the higher class towards the feelings and sufferings of the poor people. Though it was proved that Sidda did not steal Leela’s gold chain, Mr Sivasanker did not repent Sidda’s police custody and whatever information the inspector provided him about Sidda’s past became the basis of the understanding of Mr. Sivasanker. He was eloquent in saying that a criminal like Sidda could not be kept in the house. The poor, thus, are not given a chance to live properly and honourably by the rich who always tend to pronounce judgement on them. Truly this pathetic system of class division should be abolished from society.
6. “Don’t send him away. Let us keep him in our house.” -Who was the speaker and to whom wast it spoken? About whom was it said? How did the person or persons spoken to react? (1+1+1+2) Annual Exam: 2015
Ans: Leela, the five years old girl in R.K. Narayann’s short story “Leela’s Friend” was the speaker of the quoted line and it was spoken to her father.
It was said about Sidda, who came for seeking servant’s job in their home.
Mr. Sivasanker and his wife at first failed to decide whether to engage Sidda as a servant in their household or not. But Leela’s approval of Sidda was accepted by both of them and Sidda was engaged as a servant in their house.
7. “He looked at her mutely, like an animal.” -Who looked at whom? What was the situation when this occured? (2+3) Annual Exam: 2016
Ans: Sidda, the servant in the household of Mr. Sivasanker looked at Leela, the five years old daughter of Mr. Sivasnaker.
One evening, Leela’s mother noticed that the gold chain that Leela had been wearing was missing. Mrs. Sivasanker put the blame on Sidda and reported to the police. Four days later he was arrested and brought in the house of Mr. Sivasanker by police. Leela was overjoyed to see Sidda back. When the constable took Sidda by hand to take him back to the police station, Leela clung to Sidda’s hand. At that time Sidda looked at Leela mutely, like an animal.
8. “In any case, we couldn’t have kept a criminal like him in the house.” -Who is the speaker? Who is the criminal referred to here? What led the speaker to such a comment? (1+1+3) Annual Exam: 2018
Ans: Mr. Sivasanker in R.K Narayan’s short story “Leela’s Friend” is the speaker.
Sidda, who worked as a servant at Mr. Sivasanker’s house is the criminal referred to here.
Sidda was accused of stealing gold chain of Leela and it was reported to the police. Mr. Sivasanker came to know from the police inspector that Sidda was seasoned criminal. However, a few days later Leela’s mother found the chain in the tamarind pot. After this Mrs. Sivasanker wanted to know from Mr. Sivasanker about what he would do regarding Sidda. Then Mr. Sivasanker made this quoted remark.
9. “Sidda come and play.” -Who is the speaker? What would Sidda do when he heard this call? What kind of games did the speaker play? (1+1+3) Annual Exam: 2019
Ans: Leela five years old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker in R.K Narayan’s short story “Leela’s Friend” is the speaker.
Sidda would drop any work he might be doing and run to Leela when he heard this call.
Leela and Sidda played with a red ball in the garden and also played with the moon. Leela flung the ball at him and he flung it back. She asked Sidda to throw the ball into the sky and when the ball came down Sidda claimed that the ball had touched the moon. Sidda showed Leela hkow the moon followed him and Leela easily believed it. But whatever, be the game, they both enjoyed each others company.
10. What duties did Sidda perform at Sivasanker’s house? What was given to Sidda in return of his duties? Was he merely a servant?
Ans: In R.K. Narayan’s short story “Leela’s Friend” Sidda worked as a household servant at Mr. Sivasanker’s house. His duty was to clean garments, tend the garden run errands, chop the wood and look after Leela.
In exchange of his work, Sidda was given two meals a day and four rupees a month. He had to sleep outside the house as he was the servant of the house.
At first Sidda joined the house as a servant but day by day he became Leela’s favourite friend.

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Leela’s Friend Long Question Answer

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