Leela’s Friend MCQ Question-Answer

Leela’s Friend MCQ Question-Answer

Leela’s Friend
R.K Narayan
Data Bank & MCQs
Data Bank of Leela’s Friend:

(i) Writer: R K Narayan (1906-2001)

(ii) Source: Lawley Road (Originally), but Malgudi Days (Later)

(iii) Setting: Probably in the town of Malgudi

(iv) Main Characters: Leela, Sidda, Mr Sivasanker and Mrs Sivasanker

(v) Leela: Only child (five-year-old daughter) of Mr and Mrs Sivasanker

(vi) Sidda: A servant in Mr Sanker’s household

(vii) Mr Sivasanker: A rich man

(viii) Mrs Sivasanker: An ordinary housewife

(ix) Sidda worked before: in a doctor’s house

(x) Sidda was given by Mr Sanker: Two meals a day and four rupees a month

(xi) Sidda had to: Wash clothes, tend the garden, run errands, chop wood and look after Leela

(xii) Sidda and Leela played: With a red ball

(xiii) Leela held a class: For Sidda at dusk

(xiv) Leela’s box contained: Catalogues, illustrated books and stumps of pencils.

(xv) At bed time Sidda used to tell Leela: Incomparable stories of animals in the jungle, of gods in heaven, of magicians who could conjure up golden cstles and fill them with little princesses and their pets.

(xvi) Sidda slept: Outside the house

(xvii) Leela accompanied: Sidda when he went out to buy sugar one evening

(xviii) Leela’s mother noticed: That a gold chain Leela had been wearing was missing when she came home with Sidda.

(xix) Sidda was accused of: Stealing the gold chain

(xx) A complaint was lodged: By Mr Sivasanker to the police.

(xxi) Sidda was arrested: Four days later

(xxii) Ultimately the chain was found inside: A tamarind pot by Mrs Sivasanker

MCQ From Leela’s Frined

1. After dinner Leela ran to ____
(a) her bed (b) Sidda’s bed (c) the well (d) the veranda.

Ans: (a) her bed

2. Sidda’s company made Leela —
(a) excited (b) unhappy (c) morose (d) happy.

Ans: (d) happy

3. Leela took Sidda’s class during —
(a) evening (b) dusk (c) afternoon (d) morning.

Ans: (b) dusk

4. Before taking a decision to appoint Sidda Mr. Sivasanker called on his —
(a) daughter (b) police officer (c) wife (d) friend.

Ans: (c) wife

5. Leela lost her —
(a) palinurn chain (b) silver chain (c) gold chain (ci) dall.

Ans: (c) gold chain

6. “Leela made a noise of depreciation”. Here the word depreciation’ means—
(a) agreement (b) disagreement (c) indifference (d) praise.

Ans: (b) disagreement

7. Mr. Sivasanker considered Sidda as a / an —
(a) thief (b) dacoit (c) old criminal (d) smuggler.

Ans: (c) old criminal

8. The gold chain was found in the
(a) suitcase (b) the bedroom (c) tamarind pot (d) none of them.

Ans: (c) tamarind pot

9. Sidda’s salary was —
(a) Two meals a day (b) two rupees a day(c) two meals a day and tour rupees a day (d) two meals a day and four rupees a month.

Ans: (d) two meals a day and four rupees a month

10. Sidda got the job in the house of —
(a) Mr. yet (b) Mr. Narayan (c) Mr. Svasanker (d) Mc Subrarnanlyarn.

Ans: (c) Mr. Svasanker

12. Now this has touched the moon—What according to the speaker, has touched the moon —
(a) the red ball (b) the coconut (c) the wall (d) the rose plant.

Ans: (a) the red ball

13. ‘’the fellow looked queer”. Here the word ‘queer” means —
(a) strange (b) unnatural (c) mischievous (d) natural.

Ans: (a) strange

14. The police inspector considered Sidda to be a —
(a) thief (b) dacoit (c) old criminal (d) smuggler.

Ans: (c) old criminal

15. The source of the story is from —
(a) Malgudi Days (b) The Guide (c) Swami and friends (d) None of these.

Ans: (a) Malgudi Days

16. Sidda was taken to
(a) prison (b) home (c) jail (d) lock up.

Ans: (d) lock up

17. Sidda was arrested by the po!ice
(a) 3 days (b) 4 days (c) 5 days (d) 7 days after the incident.

Ans: (b) 4 days

18. Leelas mother found the gold chain in —
(a) turmeric pot (b) red chilli pot (c) black pepper pot (d) tamarind pot.

Ans: (d) tamarind pot

19. Sidda previously worked in —
(a) the doctor’s house (b) the teacher’s house(c) the lawyer’s house (d) the farmer’s house.

Ans: (a) the doctor’s house

20. Mr. Sivasanker finally –
(a) employed Sidda (b) dismissed Sidda (c) felt sorry for blaming Sidda (d) asked Sidda for forgiveness.

Ans: (b) dismissed Sidda

21. Sidda lost his job at the doctor’s house because
(a) he stole money (b) He was terribly ill (c) he was not given proper salary (d) the doctor left the town.

Ans: (d) the doctor left the town

22. The chain was put in the tamarind pot by —
(a) Sidda (b) Leela (c) Sivasanker (d) Leela’s mother.

Ans: (b) Leela

23. What did Leela check out with the ball that was thrown —
(a) the colour (b) the shape (c) traces of the moon (d) the conditions.

Ans: (c) traces of the moon

24. ‘At any rate the fellow looks tidy”. Who is referred to here?
The person referred to is — –
(a) Sidda (b) Mr. Sivasanker (c) police inspector (d) Leela.

Ans: (a) Sidda

25. Sivasanker was a man of—
(a) high judgement (b) good humour (c) suspicious mentality (d) analytical mind.

Ans: (c) suspicious mentality

26. Sidda slept —
(a) in Leela’s room (b) in the drawing room (c) servants’ quarter (d) outside the house.

Ans: (d) outside the house

27. Mr. Sivasanker was concerned about –
(a) financial problem (b) servant problem (c) water problem (d) family problem.

Ans: (b) servant problem

28. “At any rate, the fellow looks tidy”. Here “tidy” means—
(a) neat and clean (b) tight (o) tedious (d) filthy.

Ans: (a) neat and clean

29. “Do not go near him” — This was said by
(a) Leela’s mother (b) Sivasanker (c) the Inspector (d) the constable.

Ans: (c) the Inspector

30. Leela firmly believed that Sidda
(a) knew God (b) knew the moon (c) knew the stars (d) knew the sun.

Ans: (b) knew the moon

31. Sidda seemed to be –
(a) a thief (b) a dacoit (c) timid (d) a shy boy.

Ans: (d) a shy boy

32. Sidda felt more interested in —
(a) story telling (b) education (c) stealing (d) fishing

Ans: (a) story telling

33. The chain was found by
(a) Sidda (b) Leela’s mother (c) Sivasanker (d) the inspector.

Ans: (b) Leela’s mother

34. Leela as a child was —
(a) fidgety (b) playful (c) whimsical (d) whining.

Ans: (b) playful

35. The thing lost by Leela was a –
(a) gold ring (b) gold chain (c) gold button (d) gold necklace.

Ans: (b) gold chain

36. Sidda was a –
(a) manager (b) landlord (c) school-boy (d) servant.

Ans: (d) servant

37. Leela was –
(a) 3 years old (b) 4 years old (c) 5 years old (d) 6 years old.

Ans: (c) 5 years old

38. The inspector was a —
(a) dutiful man (b) kind man (c) arrogant man (d) haughty man.

Ans: (a) dutiful man

39. According to Sidda, the doctor lived near —
(a) the hospital (b) the court (c) the market (d) the village.

Ans: (c) the market

40. Leela was put to sleep by —
(a) Sidda’s stories (b) Sidda’s song (c) mother’s song (d) father’s stories.

Ans: (a) Sidda’s stories

41. “though an adept at controlling the moon . Here the word ‘adept’ means—
(a) accomplished (b) adopt (c) ordinary (d) unskilled.

Ans: (a) accomplished

42. Leela inserted the chain into the tamarind pot.
(a) unknowingly (b) whimsically (c) thoughtfully (d) intentionally.

Ans: (a) unknowingly

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Leela’s Friend MCQ Question-Answer

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