HS ABTA Test Paper Page 134 English Answer 2024

HS ABTA Test Paper Page 134 English Answer 2024

WB HS ABTA Test Paper থেকে 134 পৃষ্ঠার ইংরেজি প্রশ্নগুলির উত্তর করে দেওয়া হলো আশাকরি ছাত্রছাত্রীরা উপকৃত হবে।

HS 2024 Test Paper Solution
ABTA Test Paper Page: 134
English Answer

1) Choose the correct alternatives:

i) The blind girl said that she the-

Ans: c) hills,

ii) APj Abdul Kalam was by birth a –

Ans: b) Tamil,

iii) Mrs Jones gave the boy –

Ans: d) ten dollars,

iv) The third question of the Tsar was what was the most important-

Ans: d) occupation,

v) The source of the tree was hidden inside the earth for

Ans: a) years,

vi) “his gold complexion dimmed” Here ‘his’ refers to-

Ans: a) the sun,

vii) The cricket’s song coming out from the stove is-

Ans: a) shrill,

viii) The valey is filled with-

Ans: b) sunlight,

ix) Chubukov ordered Lomov to shut up or he would shoot him like a-

Ans: a) partridge,

x) Natalya appears before Lomov in-

Ans: c) apron and negligee,

xi) Natalya is in her

Ans: a) mid-twenties,

xii) The cost of oxen Meadows was

Ans: b) 300 roubles.

2) Answer any four questions from ‘PROSE’ and any four questions from ‘POETRY’, of the following questions, each in a complete sentence.


(i) At which station did the blind girl get into the train?

Ans: The blind girl got into the train at Rohana .

(ii) What lingered after the girl had left the train?

Ans: The perfume of the girl’s hair lingered after the girl had left the train.

(iii) In which town was Kalam born?

Ans: Kalam was born in the island town of Rameswaram in the erstwhile Madras state.

(iv) What does Kalam fail to recall?

Ans: Kalam fails to recall the exact the number of people his mother fed everyday.

(v) What was the full name of Mrs. Jones?

Ans: The full name of Mrs. Jones was Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.

(vi) What did Mrs. Jones ask the boy to pick up?

Ans: Mrs Jones asked the boy to pick up her purse/pocket book.

(vii)What was the second question of the Tsar?

Ans: The second question of the Tsar was how he could know who were right people to listen to whom and to avoid.

(viii) What did the Tsar promise?

Ans: The Tsar promised to restore the bearded man’s property.


(ix) Where does the tree’s strength lie?

Ans:The tree’s strength lies in its root.

(x) What kind of task is it to kill a tree?

Ans : According to the poet, act of killing a tree is a ceremonial task.

(xi) What is described as gentle without guile?

Ans: Soldier’s smile is described as gentle without guile.

(xii) What does ‘heavy undergrowth’ refer to?

Ans: ‘Heavy undergrowth’ refers to heavy bushes and plants.

(xiii) What shall death fail to do?

Ans: Death shall fail to brag poet’s friend wand’rest in his shade.

(xiv) Who shall grow in eternal lines to time?

Ans: Poet’s young friend shall grow in eternal lines to time.

(xv) Why do birds hide in the cooling trees?

Ans: The birds hide in the cooling trees because the hot sun makes them faint.

(xvi) who breaks the silence of winter?

Ans: The songs of cricket breaks the silence of winter.

4) (a) Do as directed.

(1) I wanted to raise my hand. I wanted to touch her hair. (Join into simple sentence).

Ans: I wanted to raise my hand to touch her hair.

(ii) My mother’s lineage was more distinguished than that of my father’s. (Change the degree of comparison).

Ans: My father’s lineage was not as distinguished as my mother’s.

(iii) He takes the lead in summer luxury. (Change the Voice).

Ans: The lead in summer luxury is taken by him.

(iv) The Tsar was very glad. (Make exclamatory sentence).

Ans:How glad the Tsar was!

(v) The poetry of earth in never dead. (Rewrite using the verb form of ‘dead’).

Ans: The poetry of earth never dies.

(vi) The poet said, “Ah, nature, keep him warm,” (Change the mode of narration).

Ans: The poet urged nature to keep him warm.

(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and/or preposition.

The Tsar turned round, and saw a bearded man come running out of the wood. the man held his hand pressed against stomach, and the blood was flowing from under them.

(c) Correct the error in the following sentence by replacing the underlined word with the right one from the options given below :
[Option : been growing/grown/ was growing]

Ans: It has grown slowly consuming the earth.

6) (a) Write a report on how Earth day was celebrated in your school.

Or, (b) Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily expressing your concern on the increasing number of road accidents.

Or, (c) Write a precis of the following passage. Add a title to it:

Scientific prayer is the harmonious interaction of the conscious and subconscious levels of mind scientifically directed towards a specific purpose. There are many ways to tap the realm of infinite power within you, enabling you to get what you really want in life. You desire a happier, fuller and richer life. Bring to use this miracle working power and smooth your way in daily affairs, solve business problems and bring harmony in family relationship. Certainly prayer is an ever present help in time of trouble. So, make it an integral part of life.


Relevance of Prayer

Scientific prayer combines conscious and subconscious minds for specific goals. Tap into inner power for a happier life, solve problems, and enhance relationships. Prayer is a constant support; make it integral.

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HS ABTA Test Paper Page 134 English Answer 2024

WB HS ABTA TEST PAPER 2024 PAGE 134 English Solution

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