H.S Preposition Practice Set-1

H.S Preposition Practice Set-1

H.S Preposition Practice Set-1

Passage: 1


Exercise -1

Fill in the Blanks with the Correct Prepositions :

I move easily along the berth and felt the window ledge. he window was open, and I faced it, making a pretence studying landscape. I heard the panting of the engine, the rumble the wheels, and, my mind’s eye, I could see telegraph posts flashing
Answer (i) | Answer (ii) | Answer (iii) | Answer (iv) | Answer (v) | Answer (vi)

Passage: 2

I remember my father starting his day ____(i)____ 4 am ____(ii)____ reading the namaz before dawn. After the namaz, he used to walk down ____(iii)____ a small coconut grove we owned, ____(iv)____ four miles ____(v)____ our home. He would return with about ____(vi)____ dozen coconuts tied together thrown over his shoulder, and only then would he have his breakfast.

Passage: 3

I knew you had gone alone ____(i)____ see the hermit, and I resolved to kill you ____(ii)____ your way back. But ____(iii)____ day passed and you did not return. So I came out ____(iv)____ my ambush to find you, and I came ____(v)____ your bodyguard, and they recognised me, and wounded me. I escaped ____(vi)____ them, but should have bled to death had you not dressed my wound.

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H.S Preposition Practice Set-1

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