Class-8 English Second-Unit-Test Question

Class-8 English Second-Unit-Test Question

2nd Unit Test
অষ্টম শ্রেণী
Sub: English
Full Marks: 25 Time: 50 minutes
1. Read the text and answer the following questions :
The Swallow is a summer bird; Come there but one cold wintry day,
He in our chimneys, when the weather Away will fly our guest the swallow :
Is fine and warm, may then be heard And much like him we find the way
Chirping his notes for weeks together. Which many a gay young friend will follow.

A. Tick (✓) the correct alternative : 1×3=3
(i) The summer bird, according to the poetess, is
(a) cuckoo
(b) swallow
(c) Peacock

(ii) It chirps when the weather is
(a) cloudy
(b) rainy
(c) nice and warm

(iii) According to the poetess the swallow is,
(a) our guest
(b) our host
(c) our friend

B. Complete the following sentences with information from the text : 1×3=3
(i) In fine and warm weather —————————————————————————-.
(ii) The swallow, our guest, will fly when ————————————————————.
(iii) According to the poetess our chimneys are —————————————————.

C. Write ‘T’ or ‘F’ for true or false statement : 1×3=3
(i) The swallow is a fine weather bird.
(ii) The chirping of the swallow is hardly heard in wintry days.
(iii) Likewise some gay friends will leave in rainy days.

D. Name the birds mentioned in the text. 1

2. Do as directed : 1×4=4
(i) The fowler shot the arrow. He wanted to kill the tiger. (Join using an infinitive)
(ii) It was a wintry night when he left for home. (Rewrite replacing the clause by a phrase)
(iii) He sold his car. His intention was to pay off the debt. (Join using an infinitive)
(iv) We have a noble heritage. We cannot indulge in violence. (Join using an Adverb Clause)

3. Change the mode of narration : 1X4=4
(i) He asked the man if he could show him the post office.
(ii) “Shall I bring a conch for you from Puri?” he said.
(iii) The guard said to me, “Don’t utter a single word.”
(iv) “Let us hurry or we may miss the bus,” said he.

4. Write a story in about 80 words with the help of given outline.
Hints : A fox fell into a well — could not get out – a thirsty goat came – fox asked him to get down jumped into the well – fox got on the goat and came out of the well.
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Class-8 English Second-Unit-Test Suggestion

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Class-8 English Second-Unit-Test Question

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