Choose the Correct Verb form from those in Brackets

Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets:

Correct Verb Form

Exercise 1:

A fire accidents ______________ (happens / happened / happening) yesterday. No casualty ___________ (is reported / has reported / was reported) so far. Two fire engines _____________ (were pressed / pressed / had pressed) into service to douse the fire.

Show/Hide Answer happened
is reported
were pressed

Exercise 2:

The earthquake ____________ (is striking / struck / striking) right now in the neighboring city. Emergency services ____________ (have been dispatched / dispatched / dispatches) to assess the damage. Fortunately, no injuries ____________ (have been reported / reported / reporting) yet.

Show/Hide Answer is striking
have been dispatched
have been reported

Exercise 3:

Last week, a severe thunderstorm ____________ (hit / hits / hitting) our town. Several trees ____________ (were uprooted / uproot / uproots) by the strong winds. Thankfully, no major damage ____________ (occurred / occurs / occurring) to homes.

Show/Hide Answer hit
were uprooted

Exercise 4:

A major traffic accident ____________ (occurs / occurred / occurring) on the highway this morning. The authorities ____________ (are responding / responded / respond) quickly to clear the road. Unfortunately, several injuries ____________ (are reported / reported / reporting).

Show/Hide Answer occurred
are reported

Exercise 5:

The power outage _____________ (was affecting / affects / affected) the entire neighborhood last night. Our neighbors ______________ (had complained / complained / complain) about it for hours before it was resolved. Thankfully, the issue _____________ (has been fixed / was fixed / fixing).

Show/Hide Answer affected
has been fixed

Exercise 6:

Yesterday, a bank robbery ____________ (took place / takes place / taking place) downtown. The police ____________ (is investigating / investigated / investigates) the incident. Luckily, no one ____________ (got hurt / gets hurt / getting hurt).

Show/Hide Answer took place
is investigating
got hurt

Exercise 7:

A burst water pipe ____________ (flood / flooded / flooding) the basement yesterday. The repair crew ____________ (has fixed / fixed / fixing) the issue, but considerable damage ____________ (had occurred / occurs / occurring).

Show/Hide Answer flooded
has fixed
had occurred

Exercise 8:

The annual music festival ____________ (will happen / happened / happening) next weekend. Many local bands ____________ (will perform / performed / performing) at the event. Last year, thousands of people ____________ (attended / attend / attending).

Show/Hide Answer will happen
will perform

Exercise 9:

A severe hailstorm ____________ (is expected / expected / expecting) in our area tonight. Residents ____________ (have been advised / advised / advise) to take precautions. Similar storms ____________ (have caused / caused / causing) damage in the past.

Show/Hide Answer is expected
have been advised
have caused

Exercise 10:

A gas leak ____________ (was discovered / discovers / discovering) in the building earlier today. The authorities ____________ (are evacuating / evacuated / evacuate) the area as a safety measure. Fortunately, no injuries ____________ (were reported / reporting / reported).

Show/Hide Answer was discovered
are evacuating
were reported

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Choose the Correct Verb form from those in Brackets


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