Boat Capsized Report Writing

Boat Capsized Report Writing

Write a newspaper report on the “Boat Capsized” within 100 words.

Date: 11 November
Time: about 5 pm
Place: Raipur Ghat, Mahananda River, Malda
Cause: The boat carrying 50 people, beyond capacity — passengers returning from weekly market — capsized.
Casualties: 5 drowned including a child and a woman, 3 missing
Measures taken: Local people saved many, divers engaged and rescued 5 bodies, 3 missing still, police investigating, no one arrested

By a Staff Reporter

Malda, 12th November: At least 5 people drowned and 3 others missing after an over-loaded boat capsized at Raipur Ghat in Mahananda river in Malda. The mishap took place on 11th November at about 5 pm. The ill-fated boat was ferrying 50 people. Most of the people were returning from a weekly market.
According to the eyewitnesses, the boat was carrying passengers beyond capacity. Within a few minutes after the boat started its journey, it capsized. As a result, 5 passengers including a child and a woman were drowned. 3 more feared missing. Some passengers swam across the river. Local people started rescue operations soon. They dived into the river and somehow could manage to save many people. Within an hour, a rescue team reached the spot and started to trace the other victims. After a long search, the divers rescued 5 dead bodies. A huge gathering was eagerly waiting at the river bank. 3 others are still missing. The police came to the spot with an ambulance and shifted the injured people to the Malda District Hospital. The police started investigation. No one has been arrested yet. Terror and bereavement loom large in the entire area.

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Write a newspaper report on the “Boat Capsized” within 100 words. Important Report Writing for Class 8 Report Writing for Class 7 Report Writing for Class 6 Report Writing for Class 5.

Boat Capsized Report Writing

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