Blood Donation Camp Report-Writing

Blood Donation Camp Report-Writing

Write a Newspaper Report on a Blood Donation Camp within 100 Words.

Blood Donation Camp
— By a Staff Reporter

Nabagram, 15th December: A ‘Blood Donation Camp’ was held in the school hall of ABC High School on 14th December, 2022. The chief guest of this programme was the honorable B.D.O of our area.
Mr. Sukhen Mondal, the head of the institution welcomed him cordially. He inaugurated the camp by cutting the ribbon. The main purpose of the blood donation camp was to aid the poor patients who are unable to buy blood. The event was announced throughout the whole locality before few days to collect the names of donors. A team of eight doctors and five nurses from the local government hospital conducted the blood donation camp. The blood donation started at around 11 am. and went on till 3 p.m. A large number of teachers, students and local people donated blood with beaming faces and proud hearts and they did noble work.
Each of the donors was given a healthy tiffin and issued certificate. Before the blood donation the chief guest and the head of the institution delivered their short speeches on the necessity of donating blood and how noble work it is. The programme ended up with the distribution of sweets to all at around 3.30 p.m.

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Blood Donation Camp Report-Writing

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