Long Question-Answer From Macbeth

Long Question-Answer From Macbeth

William Shakespeare
Long Questions Answers
Q1. What was the mystery behind the moving of Birnam woods?

Ans: The strange sight of the moving of Birnam woods was a part of Malcolm’s strategy. Actually, the woods was not moving. When the soldiers were advancing towards the castle of Macbeth, Malcolm instructed them to cut down a bough and bear it before them to conceal the actual number of soldiers. The marching soldiers with boughs in their hands appeared from the distance that the woods was moving. Thus the prediction of witches seemed to resemble and Macbeth lost his confidence.

Q2. What did each of the three witches predict to Macbeth when he first met them? What did they say to Banquo?

Ans: When Macbeth and Banquo were returning from the battlefield victoriously, they were stopped by three strange figures in a desolate heath. The first witch saluted Macbeth with the title of ‘thane of Glamis’. The second witch addressed his as the ‘thane of Cawdor’. The third witch predicted that Macbeth will be the king of Scotland.
Banquo was curious to know about himself. Then the witches turned toward Banquo and told him that he would never reign Scotland as the king but his successors would be the kings.

Q3. Sketch the character of Lady Macbeth.

Ans: Lady Macbeth plays an important role in the tragedy play ‘Macbeth’. She provokes her husband to kill Duncan, the king of Scotland. She herself attempts to kill Duncan but she cannot do that because Duncan resembles her father. She is very intelligent lady also. After the murder of king she put the blood on the guards face and guilt upon them. She tactfully saves the situation in the ‘banquet scene’. Later on she suffers from somnambulism and commits suicide. Like the three witches, Lady Macbeth is also responsible for Macbeth’s death. So, she is called the ‘fourth witch’ by some critics.

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Long Question-Answer From Macbeth

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