Karma Important MCQ Question-Answer

Karma Important MCQ Question-Answer

Khushwant Singh
Important MCQs

1. Sir mohan is-
A. a young man
B. an old man
C. a middle aged man
D. a Britisher

Ans: C. a middle aged man

2. Sir mohan was resting in a
A. frist class waiting room
B. second class waiting room
C. inter class waiting room
D. room outside the station

Ans: A. frist class waiting room

3. The suit of sir Mohan is made in
A. India
B. France
C. England
D. Pakistan

Ans: C. England

4. The mirror in the waiting room was made in-
A. America
B. England
C. India
D. France

Ans: C. India

5. Sir mohan smilled at the mirror with
A. an air of scorn
B. an air of pity and patronage
C. extreme vexation
D. an air of admiration

Ans: B. an air of pity and patronage

6. Sir Mohan’s tle was special because
A. it bore the emblem of balliol collage of Oxford University
B. it was gifted by a British Officer
C. it was a gift from lanchmi
D. it was an emblem of sir Mohan’s excellence in india

Ans:- A. it bore the emblem of balliol collage of Oxford University

7. Sir Mohan believed that the qualities attached to Indian are
A. lazy , corrupt and slow
B. traditional , upper class , luxurious
C. inefficient , dirty , insufficient
D. efficient , worthy of emulation

Ans: C. inefficient , dirty , insufficient

8. “You are so much like everything else in this country ” this country refers to
A. America
B. India
C. England
D. Ireland

Ans: B. India

9. Sir mohan used-
A. eau de Cologne
B. ayurvedic massage oil
C. cood liver oil
D. Swadeshi sandal wood scented power

Ans: A. eau de Cologne

10. “Ek chota ” refers to-
A. a small glass of water
B. a small glass of milk
C. a small glass of scotch
D. a small gift

Ans: C. a small glass of scotch

11. The word opposite to ” efficient ” is-
A. stylish
B. effective
C. inefficient
D. obvious

Ans: C. inefficient

12. Lachmi was sitting on-
A. a sofa
B the floor
C. a bench
D. a steel trunk

Ans: D. a steel trunk

13. Lachmi was chewing-
A. chocolate
B. sweets
C. gum
D. betel leaf

Ans: D. betel leaf

14. Sir mohan looked at himself in the mirror of a ____________ waiting room
A. second class
B. inter class
C. first class
D. third class

Ans: C. first class

15. The mirror _____________ back at sir Mohan
A. laughed
B. mocked
C. smiled
D. replied

Ans: C. smiled

16. The bearer went to meet sir Mohan at the waiting room thought a
A. wire gauze door
B. narrow gauze door
C. broad gauze door
D. heavy glass door

Ans: A. wire gauze door

17. The suit of sir Mohan was from____________!
A. Saville Row
B. Oxford University
C. Harley Street
D. France

Ans A. Saville Row

18. Sir Mohan smoothed his balliol tie for the _____________ time .
A. fifteenth
B. sixteenth
C. umpteenth
D. seventeenth

Ans: C. umpteenth

19. Sir Mohan’s moustache was neatly_____________
A. shaved
B. cut
C. shaped
D. trimmed

Ans: D. trimmed

20. Sir Mohan smiled at the mirror with an air of pity and__________.
A. satisfaction
B. pride
C. patronage
D. perfection

Answer:- C. patronage

21. He glanced at his _____________
A. tie
B. watch
C. suit
D. moustache

Ans: B. watch

22. ______________ ordered Sir Mohan
A. ” Ek chota.”
B.” Koi hail “
C. ” Ek dum jao…”
D. ” Reserved !”

Ans: A. ” Ek chota.”

23. “Trimmed ” means-
A. cut roughly
B. cut neatly
C. shaved
D. made long

Ans: B. cut neatly

24. “Livery ” means-
A. look
B. vision
C. dress
D. uniform

Ans: C. dress

25. Lady Lal was in her-
A. thirties
B. forties
C. mid – forties
D. fifties

Ans: C. mid – forties

26. Lachmi had ____________ gold bangles on her arms
A. one
B. two
C. several
D. five

Ans: C. several

27. Lachmi was-
A. tall and fat
B. short and fat
C. tall and lean
D. short and lean

Ans: B. short and fat

28. The colour of the sari that Lachmi wore was
A. red and green
B. red and yellow
C. green and white
D. white with a red border

Ans: D. white with a red border

29. Lachmi’s tiffin carrier was made of
A. silver
B. steel
C. alluminium
D. brass

Ans: D. brass

30. On her way to where the zenana would stop , Lachmi stopped by a
A. hawker’s stall
B. food stall
C. newspaper stall
D. betel leaf stall

Ans: A. hawker’s stall

31. Lachmi stopped by a hawker’s stall to buy
A. chapati
B. pan parag
C. betel leaves
D. mango pickle

Ans: C. betel leaves

32. The betel case of Lady Lal was made of
A. gold
B. tin
C. brass
D. silver

Ans: D. silver

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Karma Important MCQ Question-Answer

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