Importance of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Importance of Reading Newspaper Paragraph

Write a paragraph on “Importance of Reading Newspaper” in about 100 words:

Importance of Reading Newspaper

Reading the newspaper is one of the most beneficial habits. It helps us to get to know worlds current affairs. We also get to know about different politics, economics, entertainment industry, sports and much more. Also newspapers help us in finding jobs. Most companies post advertisements for job vacancies in newspaper. Besides, it increases our general knowledge, improves our language skills, sharpens our decision-making skills and turns one a confident speaker. Newspaper helps people express their opinions. Thus the importance of newspaper reading is undeniable.
But newspaper reading has some demerits. Sometimes, fake or wrong news misleads us. News of crimes and suicides affects young minds badly. Sometimes, sensitive news published without one’s consent harms one’s reputation. With all these, we must form the habit of reading newspaper for our mental newspaper for our mental nutrition from our childhood.

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What is the need of Reading Newspaper

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