Mango Pickle processing writing | How Mango-Pickle is Prepared

Study the following points and write a paragraph on how mango pickle is prepared.

Buying mangoes —- sorting —- removing rotten ones —- cleaning —- cutting into pieces —- drying —- spices, salt, mustard oil and chili mixing —- keeping inn a flat container —- putting in the sun repeatedly —- completed —- pouring into jars.

How Mango Pickle is Prepared

Mango pickle is a kind of mouth watering food. It is mostly liked and eaten by the children. It is easily prepared at home. For the preparation of mango pickle a few simple steps are followed one by one. At first as requirement, some mangoes are bought from the market. Then the mangoes are sorted well. Next the rotten ones are removed and the good mangoes are cleaned in fresh water properly. Now the cleaned mangoes are cut into pieces. Thereafter the pieces are dried in sun. In the next step spices, salt, mustard oil and chili are mixed with the cut pieces. The mixture is then kept in a big flat container. Later the container is kept in the sun repeatedly for few days. Thus mango pickle is ready for eating. At last the mango pickle is poured into jars.

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How Mango-Pickle is Prepared

Preparation of Mango Pickle | mango pickle processing writing

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Mango Pickle Processing Writing

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