Class-7 Second-Unit-Test Model-Question English

Class-7 Second-Unit-Test Model-Question English

Class-7 Second-Unit-Test Model-Question English
Class-7 Second-Unit-Test Model-Question English
2nd Unit Test
সপ্তম শ্রেণী
Sub: English (Set: 1)
Full Marks: 25 Time: 50 minutes
Section-A Reading Comprehension (Seen)
1. Read the passage and answer the questions given below.

And then he would lift up the picture, and drop it, and it would come out of the frame. He would try to save the glass and cut himself. Then he would spring round the room, looking for his handkerchief.
He could not find his handkerchief, because it was in the pocket of the coat he had taken off, and he did not know where he had put the coat. All the house had to leave off looking for his tools, and start looking for his coat; while he would dance round and hinder them.
“Doesn’t anybody in the whole house know where my coat is? I never came across such a set in all my life – upon my life I didn’t. Six of you! – and you can’t find a coat that I put down not five minutes ago! Well, of all the-” “Then he’d get up and find that he had been sitting on it, and would call out: “Oh, you can give it up! I’ve found it myself now.”

A. Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the boxes: 1×4=4

(i) Uncle Podger was looking for the handkerchief to stop bleeding.
(ii) Uncle Podger finally found his coat.
(iii) He was an expert in the job he was doing.
(iv) He remained cool while searching for the coat.

B. Answer the following questions: 1×3=3
(i) How did Uncle Podger cut himself?
(ii) Why did Uncle Podger want his coat?
(iii) Where did he find his coat?

Reading Comprehension (Unseen)
2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Once upon a time a nobleman built a grand house. On the front of the gate, he wrote the words, “This house is to be given to the first man who can prove that he is contented.” One day a stranger came and said, “I have come to take possession of this
house, because I can prove that I am contented.” The nobleman said in reply, “If you were contented, you would not wish to get possession of my house.” Saying this he turned the man out.

A. Tick (√) the correct answer: 1×2=2
(i) Here the word ‘stranger’ means-
(a) an unknown person
(b) a guest
(c) a friend

(ii) The nobleman turned the man out because-
(a) he was the last man to come to
his (nobleman’s) house
(b) he did not have money
(c) there was no trace of contentment in him

B. Answer the following questions:
(i) What did the nobleman want to give?
(ii) How did the nobleman know that the man who came to take possession of the house was not contented?

Section-B Grammar & Vocabulary
3. Rewrite the following as directed: 1×6=6

(i) I give you the permission to go now. (use ‘may’)
(ii) It is not necessary for you to help me. (use ‘need’)
(iii) The man is working on the road. (Frame a question with ‘where’)
(iv) The train stops suddenly. (Change into Present Perfect Tense)
(v) The baby _________ (drink) milk. (Use Present Continuous Tense)
(vi) He ____________ (succeed) as he works hard. (Fill in the blank with the verb in the Simple Future Tense)

Section-c Writing skill.
4. Write a letter to your friend telling him about your hobby. 7
2nd Unit Test
সপ্তম শ্রেণী
Sub: English (Set: 2)
Full Marks: 25 Time: 50 minutes
1. Read the passage carefully and answer the following:

Far down the earth, there lived dark Pluto, king of the land of the dead. He had often asked some goddess to come and live with him, but no goddess was willing to live among the dead. So Pluto was very lonely. One day Pluto came to earth and was driving along in his swift chariot. Behind some bushes he heard voices and laughter. He was curious. He stopped his chariot, and walked to the bushes. There he saw Proserpine laughing and playing with her companions who formed a circle round her.

A. Fill in the following chart with information from the text :

(i)Pluto led a lonely life.
(ii) Pluto heard voices and laughter behind some bushes.

B. Write ‘True’ and ‘False’ for the statements:
(i) Pluto, king of the dead, lived far down the earth.
(ii) Pluto came to earth driving along in his winged chariot in the air. .

2. Read the following passage and answer the questions correctly :

Christopher Columbus was a very brave explorer and sailor of Italy. He started on August 3, 1492 for a new land. Week after week passed. There was no land. Everybody was afraid. But he had a lot of courage. His men did not want to go. The Atlantic Ocean was full of dangers. So the voyage was risky.

A. Complete the following sentences with information from the passage:
(i) Columbus was a man of great ——————————————————————-.
(ii) The Atlantic is the name of ———————————————————————–.
(iii) Columbus’ men did not want to go because ————————————————-.

B. Answer the following questions:
(i) When did Columbus start his journey ?
(ii) Why was the voyage very risky ?

3. Do as directed:

(i) We come to school. Our object is to study. [Join with infinitive]
(ii) I have read the book. [Change the voice]
(iii) The man is poor. The man is honest. [Join with a conjunction]
(iv) He — (go) to market now. [Fill in the gap with proper verb from]

4. Write a story using the following points. Give a title to the story:

Hints: A hare challenges a tortoise to a race —- the race starts —- hare takes rest on the way —- falls asleep —- the tortoise reaches the goal first.

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Class-7 English Second-Unit-Test Suggestion

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Class-7 Second-Unit-Test Model-Question English

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