Class 6 Model Activity Task English September

Class 6 Model Activity Task English September

এখানে শিক্ষাদপ্তর থেকে দেওয়া ষষ্ঠ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজী বিষয়ের ‘Model Activity Task 2021 3rd Series (September)’ এর প্রশ্নগুলির উত্তর আলোচনা করা হয়েছে। তোমরা বিষয় ভিত্তিক খাতায় উত্তরগুলো তৈরি করো।

Class 6 Model Activity Task English September, 2021


A. Complete the following sentences with information from the text :

(i) The Arabian Nights’ is a collection of _________________________________.

Ans: the Middle Eastern folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. 

(ii) In the text, verse is used for ___________________________________.

Ans: songs and riddles and to express serious emotion. 

(iii) One of the famous translators of ‘The Arabian Nights’ is ______________________________________.

Ans: Antoine Galland.

B. Answer the following questions:

(i) When was ‘The Arabian Nights’ composed?

Ans: The Arabian Nights’ composed during the Islamic Golden Age. 

(ii) In which language was it originally written?

Ans: It was originally written in Arabic language. 

(iii) How did the English translation of ‘The Arabian Nights’ differ from the original version?

Ans: Some of the stories commonly associated with ‘The Arabian Nights’, in particular, ‘Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp’, ‘Alibaba and the Forty Thieves’ and ‘The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor’ were not part of ‘The Arabian Nights’ in its original Arabic version. 


Identify the Assertive, Imperative, Optative, Exclamatory and Interrogative sentences :

(i) Hurray! We have won the match.

Ans: Exclamatory sentence.

(ii) What is your name ?

Ans: Interrogative sentence.

(iii) Neeraj Chopra won gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

Ans: Assertive sentence.

(iv) Open the door.

Ans: Imperative sentence.

(v) May God bless you.

Ans: Optative sentence.


Add Prefixes to the words given below and make opposites :


Respect — Disrespect
Comfortable — Uncomfortable
Fortune — Misfortune
Mature — Immature
Literate — Illiterate


Develop the following outline into a story. Add a suitable title and a moral to your story :

Stag was drinking water – saw the image of his horns – admired them – disliked slender legs – chased by a pack of wolves – horns caught in thick bush – lamented


The stag and his horns

Once a stag felt thirsty and went to a lake. As he was drinking water, he saw his reflection in the clear water. First he looked at his horns. They were beautiful and strong, and they glittered under the strong sun. He was captivated by their beauty. He forgot his thirst and stood there admiring them.
Then his eyes wandered to his legs. They appeared thin, weak and shaky. “What a pair of ugly legs I have!” he thought.

He was absorbed in these thoughts, when he heard the barking of a pack of wolves right at his heels. With a start, he sprang up and ran for his life. But after going some distance his horns had been caught in the bush. He struggled very hard but to no avail. He cursed his horns, but that did not help. With a cry of triumph the hounds fell upon him and tore him to pieces.

Moral: All that glitters is not gold.

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Class 6 Model Activity Task English September, 2021

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