A Time to Believe Questions-Answers

A Time to Believe Questions-Answers

A Time to Believe
B J Morbitzer
Questions & Answers

1. (A) Rearrange the letters to make meaningful words, occurring in the poem:

1) Clearmis – miracles
2) Sowmid – wisdom
3) Georuce – courage
4) Rispsseu – surprises
5) Tabyue – beauty
6) madres – dreams
7) laveu – value
8) Downre – wonder.

(B) Write word from the poem that describes the following.

1) Sky – stardust sky.
2) Heart – nurturing heart.
3) Hand – aging hand.
4) Beginning – new beginning.
5) Surprises – wonderful surprises.

2. Say why …..

(a) …………… the sky has a magical quality.

Ans: The sky has a magical quality because we can see angles dancing among the clouds and the wisdom of the man in the moon if we believe.

(b) …………….. even an aging hand has beauty.

Ans: An aging hand can be beautiful because it represents a person’s life experiences, and can be an instrument of care and love. “A Time to Believe” reminds us to appreciate all stages of life.

(c) …………………… We should believe that we are strong and courageous.

Ans: We should believe that we are strong and courageous because it can help us overcome challenges, develop resilience, and make a positive impact in the world.

3. Make a list of any six things that the poet wants us to accept as true.

(i) To trust that miracles happen in life.
(ii) To believe that dreams do come true.
(iii) To see angels in the sky, dancing among clouds.
(iv) To know the wonder of a stardust sky.
(v) To know that we are not alone.
(vi) To know that beautiful surprises are waiting to happen.

4. Find from the poem positive qualities to fill up the web.

(i) Strength
(ii) Courage
(iii) Wisdom
(iv) hope
(v) Innocence

5. Find from the poem three other examples of Epigram.

(i) “There is a time to listen and a time to speak our minds.”
(ii) “There is a time to hope and a time to despair.”
(iii) “There is a time to plant and sow, and a time to reap what we have sown.”


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A Time to Believe Questions-Answers

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Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 8 English Solutions Chapter 1.1 A Time To Believe Notes, Textbook Exercise Important Questions and Answers.

A Time to Believe Questions-Answers

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