5 Scientific Tips To Remember What We Read

5 Scientific Tips To Remember What We Read

5 Scientific Tips To Remember What We Read

Many people say that they forget most of what they read. No matter how much they enjoy the text. Here we will discuss 5 scientific methods to remember what we read. Let’s begin…

1. Revision with break:

According to German psychologist Hermann Ebenhaus, We can remember 44% of what we read after an hour. So we should re-read the same subject with a little break. It increases the chances of remembering to read. If you read the lesson repeatedly with breaks, you will remember any lesson for many days.

2. The Feynman method:

The physicist Richard Feynman invented this method while studying at Princeton University. The method of explaining something very simply to others is called the Feynman method. If you try to teach a lesson to someone else after reading it, your chances of remembering that the lesson increase several times. When teaching a lesson, you have to summarize the lesson in your own way; need to discuss it. It plays a great role in getting the lesson stuck in your head.

3. Pomodoro method:

One of our daily problems is to go to Facebook, YouTube or become distracted with mobile phone in hand in the middle of study. As a result, reading is disrupted and the chances of remembering it are reduced. The Pomodoro method can be followed to get rid of this problem. This is basically a time management strategy. This method was invented by an entrepreneur named Francesco in the late 1980’s. The Italian word pomodoro means ‘tomato sauce’. It is named after Francesco’s tomato-shaped table clock.

In this method a person will do a task with a total time of 25 minutes and will take a break of 5 minutes at the end of the task.In those 25 minutes you should keep yourself away from everything else. And the break of 5 minutes should be chosen for any other work or rest. This increases the focus on the main work, the work effect also increases several times. If this method is applied in reading, reading will be more effective, and will be remembered for a long time.

4. Adequate sleep is required:

A study was conducted by Jessica Payne, a psychologist at the University of Notre Dame in the United States, and several colleagues. From the study it is known that sleeping for a certain time at the end of the study helps to remember the study. So after studying for a long time, you should take a nap. Those who are used to taking exams in the morning after whole night study without sleep, often find that their exams are bad.

5. Mnemonic method:

This method is very popular for remembering a lot of small information. The key feature of this method is to make it easier to remember by adding information in rhymes, stories, pictures, etc. This technique can be very effective in memorizing vocabulary, different years or any small information.

5 Scientific Tips To Remember What We Read

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