The-Eyes-Have-It Textual Grammar Answer

The Eyes Have It
Textual Grammar
Exercise with Answers
Transformation of Sentences:

i) I was unable to tell what the girl looked like. (Make it Negative)
Ans: I was not able to tell what the girl looked like.

ii) October is the best time. (Degree Change)
Ans: Positive- No other time is as good as October.
Comparative- October is better than any other time.

iii) Few girls can resist flattery. (Use noun form of resist)
Ans: Few girls have resistance to flattery.

iv) As soon as she left the train, she would forget our brief encounter. (Use no sooner…. than)
Ans: No sooner had she left the train than she would forget our brief encounter.

v) I turned from the window and faced the girl. (Make it simple)
Ans: Turning from the window I faced the girl.

vi) The man who had entered the compartment broke into my
reverie. (Split into two Simple sentences)
Sentence-1 The man had entered the compartment.
Sentence -2 He broke into my reverie.

vii) This is the best time. (Use the Positive degree of best)
Ans: There is no other time as good as this.

viii) Correct the error in the following sentence
It could be a fascinated game, guessing what went on out there. (Options : fascination, fascinate, fascinating)
Ans: It could be a fascinating game, guessing what went out there.

ix) A man, getting into the compartment, stammered an apology.
(Split into two simple sentences)
Sentence 1: A man got into the compartment.
Sentence 2: He stammered an apology.

x) She was silent. (Rewrite as a negative sentence)
Ans: She was not talking.

xi) Correct the error in the following sentence
They seemed very ancient about her comfort. (Options : anxious / anxiety / anxiously)
Ans: They seemed very anxious about her comfort.

xii) Correct the error in the following sentence:
Few girls can resist flattering. ( Options : flatter / flattery / flatterer )
Ans: Few girls can resist flattery .

Voice Change:

i) They called their goodbyes.
Ans: Their goodbyes was called by them.

ii) I liked the sound of her voice, and even the sound of her slippers.
Ans: The sound of her voice and even the sound of her slippers were liked by me.

iii) My voice startled her.
Ans: She was startled by my voice.

iv) Few girls can resist flattery.
Ans: Flattery can be resisted by few girls.

v) Then I made a mistake.
Ans: Then A mistake was made by me.

vi) I did not see you.
Ans: You were not seen by me.

vii) Do you see any animals?
Ans: Are any animals seen by you?

viii) But her next question removed my doubts.
Ans: But my doubts were removed by her her next question.

ix) She would forget our brief encounter.
Ans: Our brief encounter would be forget by her.

x) The carriage changed their sound and rhythm.
Ans: Their sound and rhythm was changed by the carriage.

Narration Change:

i) “Are you going all the way to Dehra?” I asked.
Ans: I asked if she was going all the way to Dehra.

ii) The girl said, “I’m getting off at Saharanpur, my aunt is meeting me there.”
Ans: The girl said that she was getting at Saharanpur and added that her aunt was meeting her there.

iii) “Where are you going?” She asked.
Ans: She asked where I was going.

iv) The girl said, “Oh! How lucky you are.”
Ans: The girl exclaimed in joy that I was very lucky.

v) ” I didn’t see you either,” I said.
Ans: I said that I had not seen her either.

vi) She said, “Why are you so serious?”
Ans: She asked why I was so serious.

vii) I said to the girl, “What is it like outside?”
Ans: I asked the girl what it was like outside.

viii) “You have an interesting face,” I remarked.
Ans: I remarked that she had an interesting face.

ix) “We’ll soon be at your station,“ I said to the girl.
Ans: I told the girl that we would soon be at her station.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and/or prepositions :

(1) I was prepared …………..(i)………….. sit there …………..(ii)………….. almost any length ………….(iii)………… time, just to listen …………. (iv)…………. her talking. Her voice had ………….(v)…………. sparkle………….(vi)………… a mountain stream.

(i) to (ii) for (iii) of (iv) to (v) the (vi) of

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The-Eyes-Have-It Textual Grammar Answer

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