The-Comedy-of-Errors Long Question Answer

The-Comedy-of-Errors Long Question Answer

The Comedy of Errors
William Shakespeare
Long Questions Answers
1. What was the cruel law that was made in the state of Ephesus? Why was Aegeon brought before the duke and what did the duke say?

Ans: The cruel law made at Ephesus stated that if any merchant of Syracuse was seen in the city of Ephesus, he was to be put to death, unless he could pay a thousand marks for the ransom of his life.
Aegeon was brought before the duke, as he was a merchant of Syracuse and was seen in the city of Ephesus and the duke said that Aegeon had either to pay a heavy fine, or to receive sentence of death, because he was a merchant of Syracuse and was seen in the city of Ephesus.

2. Why did Antipholus younger think Ephesus to be land of sorcerers and witches?

Ans: The land of Ephesus seemed to Antipholus of Syracuse as the land of magicians and witches. He did not know that the man who called him to dine with the lady was Dromio of Ephesus, the twin brother of Dromio of Syracuse. He did not know that Antipholus of Ephesus, his twin brother, had asked his servant Dromio of Syracuse to bring money from Adriana to get release. And the gold chain that he had put on was actually ordered by Antipholus of Ephesus. And the public thought that he was Antipholus of Ephesus who was a rich and affluent man in the city. The confusion that resulted in unexpected behavior, made him think that the land was really strange.

3. What made Aegeon land at Ephesus? What danger did he face there?

Ans: Aegeon’s younger son went in search of his mother and elder brother who were lost in a shipwreck years before. Seven years passed and his younger son did not return. Old Aegeon was desperate to find out his son. So Aegeon set out in search of him and landed at Ephesus.
Following the law that existed in Ephesus, Aegeon was arrested and brought before the Duke for illegally entering Ephesus, the rival city. The only way he could avoid the penalty was to ransom his life for one thousand marks. He was asked to pay the fine or to meet death sentence. As Aegeon had no money to pay the fine, he was given death sentence. These are the dangers he faced at Ephesus.

4. Narrate the gold chain episode in your own words.

Ans: The gold chain incident was a result of mistaken identity which lead to the complication of the plot. As Antipholus Younger and Dromio Younger escaped from the troubles of Adriana’s house, they happened to meet a goldsmith. The goldsmith, mistaking younger Antipholus as Antipholus of Ephesus, said that he had ordered him to make the gold chain. It was ready and Antipholus younger was forced to accept it.
Immediately after this, the goldsmith was arrested for not paying some money that he owed. He found the Elder Antipholus passing by his way and asked for the payment of the chain. But this Antipholus asserted that he did not get the delivery of the chain. So both were arrested.
Now the younger Antipholus met a lady who called him by his name and asked for the gold chain that he had promised to give her. Antipholus Younger was totally perplexed and fled from the place. This lady had also mistaken him for his elder brother.

5. How did Aegeon find all his family members?

Ans: Towards the end of the story “The Comedy of Errors” Aegeon was taken to the place of execution which was near the convent. On the way Adrina, stopped the duke and complained against Antipholus of Ephesus, her husband who arrived at the place soon after.
Then the abbess of the convent, who was actually the wife of Aegeon, came out of the convent with Antipholus of Syracuse, the younger son of Aegeon. Thus all the family members of Aegeon arrived one place and he found out all his kins.

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The-Comedy-of-Errors Long Question Answer

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