Plane Crash Report Writing

Plane Crash Report Writing

Write a newspaper report on the “A Plane Crash in Nepal” within 100 words.


—- By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, 16th January: At least 68 people were killed after a Yeti Airlines’ ATR-72 aircraft crashed in Nepal’s Pokhara at around 11 am yesterday. The plane took off from Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport at 10:30 am. Then it crashed into a gorge while trying to land at the new airport of Pokhara. Reports said that the plane carried 72 people- 68 passengers and 4 crew members.
Emergency rescue operation was currently conducted. Rescuers said 68 bodies had been found and a search was on for the four missing people. Among the casualties, there were five Indians also. Local media reported that the aircraft had taken a wider turn while attempting to land, which may have caused the accident.
The Nepal government decided to announce a public holiday on January 16 to mourn the crash victims. The government also formed a five member commission of inquiry to probe the plane crash.

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Write a newspaper report on the “A Plane Crash in Nepal” within 100 words. Important Report Writing for Class 8 Report Writing for Class 7 Report Writing for Class 6 Report Writing for Class 5.

Plane Crash Report Writing

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