As-You-Like-It Long Question Answer

As-You-Like-It Long Question Answer

As You Like It
William Shakespeare
Long Questions Answers
1. Who was driven from his dominion and where? What type of life did the duke and his his followers live in the forest of Arden? What did the duke say when the cold winds blew upon his body?

Ans: A certain old duke of one of the French provinces was driven from his dominion to the forest of Arden.
The duke and his followers lived the life of careless ease, like the old Robin Hood of England.
When the cold winds blew upon his body the duke said that they are true counsellors, they do not flatter, but represent truly to him his condition and their sharp bite is not that of unkindness and ingratitude.

2. Who were the two participants in the wrestling match? Whom did Celia and Rosalind try to dissuade? What was the result?

Ans: The two participants in the wrestling match were an experienced court wrestler and Orlando, an inexperienced young man.
Celia and Rosalind tried to dissuade the youth, Orlando from taking up such an unequal challenge.
In spite of their effort to dissuade the youth, Orlando was determined to prove his valour in front of the fair ladies. So he refused to listen to them.
His refusal in a very graceful manner made Celia and Rosalind more concerned for him. The inspiration that Orlando got from ladies worked wonders for him and he emerged victorious.

3. How did Celia and Rosalind set out? Why did Celia and Rosalind think of such an idea? What were names of Celia and Rosalind in disguise? What did they take with themselves?

Ans: Celia and Rosalind set out in disguise by dressing themselves like a young countryman, and a lass.
Celia and Rosalind thought of such an idea as it would be safe for them to travel alone in rich attire. So it would be greater protection if one of them was to be dressed like a man.
Rosalind would be called Ganymede and Celia chose the name of Aliena.
They took money and Jewels to defray their expenses when they set out their long journey.

4. How did Rosalind win Orlando’s heart?

Ans: In “As You like It” Rosalind met Orlando just before the wrestling match in which Orlando stood against a practiced wrestler.
At the duke’s suggestion, Rosalind along with Celia tried to resist him from taking up such an unequal challenge. Rosalind’s kind words made Orlando more determined. Orlando made it clear that there was none to lament for him. So Rosalind had a strong inclination towards him because she felt pity for his friendless condition.
It seemed that she had almost fallen in love for him. Inspired by the ladies Orlando achieved miraculous victory. After the match when it was discovered that Orlando was the youngest son of her father’s friend, Rosalind was so pleased that she gave him her chain from her neck. Thus Rosalind’s pity transformed into love for Orlando and as a result she won Orlando’s heart.

5. Why was Oliver proved an unworthy brother? Why did Oliver wish to destroy Orlando?

Ans: In “As You Like It” Oliver who was the elder brother of Orlando proved to be an unworthy brother because he did not take the responsibility of his younger brother Orlando properly as directed by his father Rowland de Boys in his death bed. He did not keep the request of his father and did not educate Orlando in a school. He cruelly plotted to burn Orlando alive in his chamber. He hated his brother and was jealous of him. He was an unworthy brother.
Orlando grew up to be a fine man without the care and help of his brother. So Oliver hated his brother and wanted to get rid of him. When Oliver heard the victory news of Orlando in the wrestling match, his jealousy knew no bounds. He vowed to burn his brother alive in his chamber while he slept. Thus Oliver wished to destroy Orlando.

6. How did old Adam prove his loyalty towards his master?

Ans: In “As You Like It”, Old Adam showed his loyalty towards his master. He overheard that Oliver vowed to burn his younger brother, Orlando alive in his chamber. He at once warned Orlando about his impending danger. He advised Orlando to leave the place. He knew very well that his younger master, Orlando had no money. So he gave all his savings amounting five hundred crowns to Orlando. He requested Orlando to allow him to be his servant and promised that he would take good care of him. In spite of fatigue and hunger, he accompanied his master in the forest of Arden. Thus he showed faithfulness to his master.

7. How was the banished Duke’s life in the Forest of Arden?

Ans: In the play “As You Like it” the banished Duke spent his life like Robin Hood of England in the Forest of Arden. He spent his life leisurely with many noble youth and his faithful followers. In summer he takes shelter under the shade of trees watching the playful sports of the forest deer. In winter when the cold wind blew, the Duke said that their sharpness was nothing compared to the keenness of unkindness and ingratitude. He drew lessons from nature and he found tongues in trees, books in the flowing streams, sermons in stones and good in every thing.

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As-You-Like-It Long Question Answer

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