Story Writing of Two Beggars- One Blind and One Lame

Here we are sharing “The Story of Two Beggars: One Blind and One Lame”. We have tried to write it in simple language. First of all, students should try to write the story on their own using the hints that have been given before the story. Then you can check ours. Here are the hints and the story:

Hints: Two beggars — One blind and one lame — their diffulties — made a plan — The blind carried the lame beggar on his back — The lame beggar shwed him way.

Co-operation of A Lame and a Blind Beggar

Once two beggars lived in the same area. One of them was blind and one was lame. They both begged in the same place near a rail station. The lame beggar became very tired to come limping. The blind beggar was also in trouble to reach at the place for begging. One day the blind man got no alms and began to weep. The lame beggar saw it and helped him giving some money which he received from begging. From the next day the two beggars became friends and helped one another in problems. Then they decided to beg wandering from place to place. Therefore the lame climbed on the shoulder of the blind and they started to beg in different places. They got much alms as the people became sympathetic seeing both the blind and lame beggars. Atlast they became happy as they could earn more money than before.

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