Word of the day with meaning and sentences 07/01/2024

Word of the day with meaning and sentences 07/01/2024

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We will share 5 new words with their meaning and usage in sentences. To build strong vocabulary we should learn five new words regularly. Hope it will be helpful to you. Keep visiting our website regularly.
WordMeaningSynonymsAntonymsUsage in Sentences
BenevolentShowing kindness and goodwillKind, generous, charitableMalevolent, malicious, unkindThe benevolent stranger helped the old woman carry her groceries home.
PerniciousHarmful or destructive in a subtle wayDestructive, detrimental, toxicBeneficial, harmless, advantageousThe pernicious effects of smoking on health are well-documented.
ConundrumA confusing and difficult problemPuzzle, dilemma, enigmaSolution, clarity, straightforwardSolving the conundrum required a collaborative effort from the entire research team.
EphemeralLasting for a very short timeTransient, fleeting, momentaryPermanent, enduring, lastingThe beauty of the cherry blossoms is ephemeral, as they bloom for only a brief period each year.
AltruisticUnselfishly concerned for the welfareSelfless, charitable, philanthropicSelfish, egocentric, inconsiderateHer altruistic actions, such as volunteering at the orphanage, endeared her to the community.


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Meaning of Benevolent / Meaning of Pernicious / Meaning of Conundrum / Meaning of Ephemeral / Meaning of Altruistic

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Word of the day with meaning and sentences 07/01/2024


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