What is Simple Sentence?

A simple sentence is a sentence that contains only one independent clause, which means it has a subject and a predicate and can stand alone as a complete thought. It is the most basic type of sentence in the English language.

Here are some examples of simple sentences:
  1. She wants to learn how to speak Spanish.
  2. The children love playing in the park.
  3. He decided to quit his job and travel the world.
  4. The cat enjoys napping in the sun.
  5. She needs to finish her homework before she can watch TV.
  6. The baby likes to listen to lullabies before falling asleep.
  7. They plan to go hiking in the mountains this weekend.
  8. He loves swimming in the ocean on hot summer days.
  9. She hopes to find a new job soon.
  10. The bird flew away after spotting a worm on the ground.
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