HS ABTA Test Paper Page 123 English Answer 2024

HS ABTA Test Paper Page 123 English Answer 2024

WB HS ABTA Test Paper থেকে 123 পৃষ্ঠার ইংরেজি প্রশ্নগুলির উত্তর করে দেওয়া হলো আশাকরি ছাত্রছাত্রীরা উপকৃত হবে।

HS 2024 Test Paper Solution
ABTA Test Paper Page: 123
English Answer

1) Choose the correct alternatives:


i) The narrator in ‘The Eyes Have it’ pretended to study-

Ans: c) the landscape

ii) According to Kalam’s father, prayer made possible a communion-

Ans: c) of the spirit between man and god

iii) The lady left the door open because she wanted to-

Ans: a) test the boy

iv) The Tsar bandaged the wound of the man with his-

Ans: c) handkerchief


v) The most sensitive part of a tree lies-

Ans: a) underground

vi) The soldier has ___________ red holes in his side-

Ans: c) two

vii) Eternal summer of the __________ shall not fade.

Ans: b) friend.

viii) A grasshoper sings the song of life during the-

Ans: d) summer.


ix) What is the name of Natalya’s hunting dog?

Ans: c) Squeezer

x) Chubukov used the word drunkard to describe-

Ans: a) Lomov’s grandfather

xi) Oxen meadows were-

Ans: a) green

xii) What type of play is ‘ The Proposal’?

Ans: b) one act play

2) Answer any four questions from ‘Prose’ and four questions from ‘Poetry’, of the following questions, each in a complete sentence.


(i) What was the girl tired of?

Ans: The girl was tired of people telling her she had a pretty face.

(ii) How much did the girl like a train journey?

Ans: As the girl could not bear to sit in a train more than two or three hours, so she did not like a train journey.

iii) What were Kalam’s parents regarded as?

Ans: Kalam’s parents were widely regarded as an ideal couple.

(iv) Where did Mrs.Jones have her purse?

Ans:Mrs. Jones carried her purse slung across her shoulder.

(v) How did the hermit look like?

Ans: Hermit was frail and weak.He breathed heavily while he was digging ground.

(vi) What was Roger afraid of ?

Ans: As Mrs Jones caught Roger red-handed while he was stealing her purse, he became afraid of facing punishment. He thought if Mrs. Jones was going to take him to jail.

(vii) Where did the evening prayers reach, according to Kalam?

Ans: According to Kalam, the evening prayers reached to God.

(viii) “There is only one time that is important”- What is the time?

Ans: According to hermit, the most important time is present.


(ix) How can eternal summer be maintained?

Ans: Eternal summer can be maintained through poetry or sonnet.

Ans: Eternal summer can be maintained through Shakespeare’s eternal lines of sonnet.

(x) ‘Has wrought a silence’ – What has wrought a silence?

Ans : Frost has wrought a silence.

(xi) What role is played by the sun’s rays in “Asleep in the Valley”?

Ans : Streaming from the mountain top,the sun’s rays fill the valley full of light and it can make the soldier warm.

(xii) What kind of a task is to kill a tree?

Ans : According to the poet, act of killing a tree is a ceremonial task.

(xiii) What does the octave and the sestet represent in the poem ‘The Poetry of Earth’?

Ans: In the poem ‘The Poetry of Earth’,the octave presents the music of summer through the voice of grasshopper and the sestet presents the music of winter in the song of cricket.

(xiv) How does the ‘eye of heaven’ sometimes shine in summer ?

Ans:Being very hot, eye of heaven’ sometimes shines in summer.

(xv) Where are the feet of the soldier?

Ans : The feet of the soldier are among some flowers.

(xvi) What natural elements are absorbed by the tree for years?

Ans:Sunlight, air and water are absorbed by the tree for years.

4) (a) Do as directed:

(i) She thought me a romantic fool (Change the Voice).

Ans: I was thought a romantic fool by her.

(ii) He sleeps in sunlight at peace. (Rewrite using the adverb form of ‘peace’).

Ans: He sleeps peacefully in sunlight.

(iii) The woman said, “What did you want to do it for?” (Change into indirect speech).

Ans: The woman asked (the boy )what he had wanted to do it for.

(iv) A man, getting into the compartment stammered an apology. (Split into simple sentences).

Ans: A man got into the compartment. He stammered an apology.

(v) They are mine. I’ll prove this to you. (Join to form a complex sentence).

Ans: I’ll prove to you that they are mine.

(vi) My austere father used to avoid all inessential comforts and luxuries. (Turn into a negative sentence).

Ans: My austere father did not indulge in any inessential comforts and luxuries.

(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and/or prepositions :

Ans: The water dripping from his face, The boy looked at her. There was a long pause very long pause. After he had dried his face and not knowing what else to do, dried it again.

(c) Correct the error in the following sentence by replacing the underlined word with the right one from the options given below:
[Options: strange, srangly. stramgeness]

Your behaviour, Ivan Vassilevitch, is strange.

6) (a) Recently you attended a seminar on “Plastic carry bags – A threat to Environment” in which matters related to harmful effects of plastic were discussed. Write a report in about 150 words for your school magazine on it.


(b) Write a letter to the officer-in-charge of the local police station reporting the theft of your mobile phone.

Or, Write a precis on the following passage. Add a suitable title:

The importance of English language knows no bounds. The role of English in the world of academy is undeniable. Many seminal books of the world written in regional language are now being translated into English so that people of different languages may come to know about those books. Thus English extends the scope of acquisition of knowledge. In business, politics, economics and in many other fields, English is inseparable. It is not only a communicative media but also a mighty weapon for its lucid syntactical properties, rhetorical enhancement, prosodic grandeur and above all for its economy of expression. Although English was first avoided in a few states due to prejudice and chauvinism, none of the Indians now negate its utilitarian qualities.


Importance of English

English is crucial in academia, translating global works for wider access. It’s vital in business, politics, and more, serving as a powerful tool with clear syntax and expressive qualities. Despite initial resistance, Indians now acknowledge its utility.

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HS ABTA Test Paper Page 123 English Answer 2024

WB HS ABTA TEST PAPER 2024 PAGE 123 English Solution

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