HS ABTA Test Paper Page 112 English Answer 2024

HS ABTA Test Paper Page 112 English Answer 2024

WB HS ABTA Test Paper থেকে 112 পৃষ্ঠার ইংরেজি প্রশ্নগুলির উত্তর করে দেওয়া হলো আশাকরি ছাত্রছাত্রীরা উপকৃত হবে।

HS 2024 Test Paper Solution
ABTA Test Paper Page: 112
English Answer

1) Choose the correct alternatives:

i) The perfume of the girl’s hair was-

Ans: c) Tantalizing

ii) In his childhood Kalam usually ate with his-

Ans: d) mother

iii) “Half Nelson’ was applied on Roger’s-

Ans: c) shoulders

iv) Ths Tsar stopped after digging-

Ans: d) two beds.

v) ‘Earth’s cave’ is created when the tree is-

Ans: a) uprooted

vi) The young soldier looks-

Ans: c) Pale

vii) According to the poet, the summer’s lease is-

Ans: c) brief

viii) The grasshoper is associated with-

Ans: b) summer

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ix) Natalya was shelling ________ for drying.

Ans: b) Peas

x) Chubukov is in his-

Ans: d) seventies

xi) The name of Natalya’s dog is-

Ans: b) Squeezer

xii) The colour of Lomov’s gloves is-

Ans: d) white.

2) Answer any four questions from ‘Prose’ and four questions from ‘Poetry’, of the following questions, each in a complete sentence.

(i) What, of the girl passenger, seemed to be tantalizing to the narrator?

Ans: The perfume of the the girl passenger’s hair seemed to be tantalizing to the narrator.

Or The perfume from the girl ‘s hair seemed to be tantalizing to the narrator.

(ii) What always happens during a train journey?

Ans: A passenger from the running train always thinks that he is standing still while the trees outside are moving. This always happens during a train journey.

(iii) In which town was Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam born?

Ans: Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam born was born in the Island of Rameswaram in erstwhile Madras state.

(iv) How did Kalam describe his childhood?

Ans: Kalam described his childhood as secure, materially and emotionally.

(v) What were behind the screen in Mrs. Jones’s room?

Ans: There were gas plate and ice box behind the screen in Mrs. Jones’s room.

(vi) Why did the boy try to snatch the pocket book?

Ans: The boy tried to snatch the pocket book because he wanted to buy a pair of blue suede shoes.

(vii) How long did the Tsar dig the beds?

Ans: The Tsar dug the beds (for two hours )till the sun-set.

(viii) Where did the Tsar fall asleep?

Ans : The Tsar fell asleep on the threshold of hermit’s hut.

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(ix) How is the bark of the tree described?

Ans :The bark of the tree is described as rough and it has marks.

(x) What kind of task is to kill a tree?

Ans :According to the poet ,the act of killing a tree is ceremonial task.

(xi) What is described as gentle, without guile?

Ans :Soldier’s smile is described as gentle, without guile.

(xii) Who fails to disturb the rest of the soldier?

Ans :The humming insects fail to disturb the rest of the soldier.

(xiii) What does ‘eternal lines’ indicate?

Ans: The term “eternal lines” indicates everlasting lines of Shakespeare’s sonnet.

(xv) What type of poem is ‘The poetry of Earth’?

Ans :’The poetry of Earth’ is an Italian sonnet (or Petrarchan Sonnet) (that follows the pattern of octave and sestet)

(xvi) Where does the grasshopper take rest?

Ans : The grasshopper takes rest beneath some pleasant weed.

4) (a) Do as directed:

(i) “Why do not you look out of the window?” She asked. (Change into indirect speech).

Ans: She asked (the narrator) why he did not look out of the window.

(ii) I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes (Change the voice).

Ans: A pair of blue suede shoes was wanted by me.

(Don’t use “were” because “a pair ” is there.It indicates a single idea. Like ‘one of the boys was )

(iii) An interesting face can also be pretty. (Turn into a complex sentence).

Ans: A face which is interesting can also be pretty.

(iv) Our locality was predominantly Muslim. (Rewrite using the verb form of ‘predominantly?)

Ans: Our locality was predominated by Muslim.

(v) The Tsar was very glad. (Turn into Exclamatory sentence).

Ans: How glad the Tsar was !

(vi) I do not recall the exact number of people she fed every day. (Turn into Affirmative sentence).

Ans: I forget the exact number of people she fed every day.

I hardly recall the exact number of people she fed every day.

(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions :

Ans: She was a large woman with a large purse that had everything in it but hammer and nails. It had a long strap and she carried it slung across her shoulder. It was about eleven o’clock at night.

(c) Correct the error in the following sentence by replacing the underlined word with the right one from the options below :

At last the blood ceased flow. [Options : flew/flowing/flowed]

Answer: At last the blood ceased flowing.

6) (a) Write a report on how career counselling porgramme was held in your school. The report is to be published in your school magazine.

Or; (b) Write a letter to the Deputy Secretary of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education for necessary correction in your Registration Certificate where you have found that your name has been misspelt.


The Deputy Secretary
West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
Kolkata- 700001

Subject: Correction in Registration Certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect I beg to state that I, Swapan Saha, am writing to draw your attention to a matter of concern regarding my Registration Certificate issued by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education.
Upon careful examination of my certificate, I have identified a spelling error in my name. The correct spelling is SWAPAN SAHA, but the certificate currently reflects SWOPAN SAHA. This discrepancy is causing inconvenience and may lead to complications in official documentation.
I kindly request your assistance in rectifying this error at your earliest convenience. I have enclosed a copy of my Registration Certificate for your reference.

Details for correction:
Incorrect Name: SWOPAN SAHA
Correct Name: SWAPAN SAHA
Registration Number: WBHS/212121G/2024

I understand the importance of efficient administrative processes and appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. If any further information is required from my end, please let me know at my e-mail ID: [email protected]
I look forward to your positive response and the necessary correction in my Registration Certificate. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Swapan Saha

Or, (c) Write a precis of the following passage. Add a suitable title.

As daylight can be seen through very small holes, little things can also illustrate a person’s character. Indeed character consists in litte acts well and honourably performed in our daily lives. It pleases others because it indicates a respect for their personality and it gives ten-fold pleasure to ourselves. One of the most marked tests of character is the manner in which we conduct ourselves towards others. A graceful behaviour towards superiors, inferiors and equals is a constant source of pleasure. Every man may to a large extent, be a self-educator in good behaviour. He can be civil and kind, though he has not a penny in his purse. Even a kind look will give pleasure and confer happiness. Gentleness in society is like the silent influence of light which gives colour to all nature. It is far more powerful than loudness or force, and far more fruitful.


The Power of Gentle Character

Character is revealed through small, honorable daily acts, showcasing respect for others. Conduct towards superiors, inferiors, and equals is a key test. Civil and kind behavior, even without wealth, brings pleasure and happiness. Gentleness, like silent light, is powerful, fruitful, and colors society positively.

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HS ABTA Test Paper Page 112 English Answer 2024

WB HS ABTA TEST PAPER 2024 PAGE 112 English Solution

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