How to add focus keyword

How to add focus keyword | Where to add focus keyword to blog posts:

First of all you need to know what is Keyword Research. If you don’t know about it please read the article: What is Keyword Research.

Now that you know how to do keyword research, adding keywords to your blog posts should be easier.

Placing keywords in a blog post is an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). If you don’t optimize the focus keywords in the blog post well, then your post will not be SEO friendly. And your post will not get good ranking in search engine.

It is important to use keywords strategically and avoid overusing them, which can actually harm your website’s search engine ranking. Here are some tips for placing keywords in a blog post:

(1) How to add keywords to blog posts:

Keyword should be well placed in each post. But that doesn’t mean you should use the same keywords over and over again. Use the main keyword of your blog post in a few places, and put related keywords in other places.

Suppose “5 tips of stress management” is your main keyword. Use this keyword in several places in your blog post. Also use related keywords like “How to manage stress“, “Tips to manage stress” in few other places in your post.

(2) Blog post title:

When we start writing a post, first we need to choose the title of the post. And adding keyword to blog post title is very important.
Adding keywords to your post title can make it more SEO-friendly, potentially resulting in higher search engine rankings and increased blog traffic. Using high-quality keywords is important for achieving these benefits.
Write your post title in Heading 2 or Heading 3. It can help attract readers to your blog post. Including relevant keywords in these headings can also improve the post’s SEO-friendliness.

How to add focus keyword

(3) First and last paragraph:

You must add keywords in the first and last paragraphs of your post. These 2 places are very important to make the post SEO friendly. Use the main keyword in both of these places. And use similar or related keywords elsewhere.

(4) Image title and alt tag:

You should know that images are crucial for a blog post’s success. One picture is worth more than 2000 words. However, simply uploading an unedited image to your post may not provide much value.
Including relevant keywords in the Alt Tag and title tag of your blog post images can improve the post’s SEO-friendliness. This is because search engines use these tags to understand the content of the image and how it relates to the blog post. As a result, optimizing your blog post images with keywords can be an effective strategy to increase the visibility and traffic of your blog post.

How to add focus keyword

(5) Meta description:

Meta description is the short description of the blog post. That makes it easier for Google bots to understand your posts. And in this too you need to add keywords related to focus/main keywords.

(6) Permalink:

Each post has a permalink. If you are using blogger platform, you can use custom permalink in blogger. You must use the focus keyword in the permalink.
And if you’re using WordPress, use keywords on slugs. This helps the search engine to know the exact keywords of the post.

(7) Comment:

Commenting also helps the post rank better in search engines. If you’re posting an answer or replying to a comment from your readers, you should add the focus keyword to that as well.

Adding focus keywords in the places mentioned above can make your blog post more SEO-friendly. However, it’s important to use keywords appropriately and avoid overusing them. Instead, include relevant and related keywords throughout your post to improve its overall search engine ranking. By doing so, your post will have a better chance of ranking not only for the targeted keywords but also for related keywords.

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How to add focus keyword

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