Free Keyword Planner Tools

Free Keyword Planner Tools

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Welcome to our blog. Hope you all are well. In this article, I want to tell you how you can use Google’s Keyword research tool “Google Keyword Planner” for free.
Are you always looking for the right keywords to increase organic traffic on your website? So the “Google Keyword Planner” tool is for you.

What is Google Keyword Planner?

Actually, Google’s Keyword Planner tool is designed for keyword research. Although it is a free keyword research tool, it is primarily a PPC tool and is often used for SEO as well. It provides you quality keyword suggestions directly from Google.

Some features of Google Keyword Planner tool:

(i) Accurate monthly search volume
(ii) Mobile search volume
(iii) Keyword suggestion on seed keyword
(iv) Competition in Google Ads
(v) Bids on suggested keywords
(vi) Ad impression share
(vii) Predictions for clicks on impressions and bids
(viii) Organic and impression share

How to use Google Keyword Planner free tool?


Before you can start using Google Keyword Planner, you need to have a Google account. If you already have a Google account, type Google Ads in the search bar, then click on the first link you get. And if you do not have a Google account, then first you need to create a Google Account.

Free Keyword Planner Tools

Once Account is created, go to the Google Ads home page and sign in by selecting your Google Account. Or click on the Get Start button.
When you sign in, it will take you to the “All Campaign page” and at the same time you will see a notice saying ‘Your campaigns and ad groups are paused or removed’. Enable them to begin showing your ads.’ Now that we are not going to run any Ads campaigns, we will not go for this option.
Here on the top right side, you will see the icon of a wrench, by clicking on it a pop up will appear, from which you will have to choose the keyword planner option.

Free Keyword Planner Tools

Choose your tool:-

Now, when you select the Keyword Planner option, you will see two different tools on the side of the Keyword Planner:
(1) “Discover new keywords
(2) “Get Search Volume and forecasts”.
These two tools will generate thousands of thousands of potential keywords for your blog post within milliseconds.
As we are looking for SEO friendly keywords for our blog post, then here we have to choose the tool named “Discover new keywords”.

Free Keyword Planner Tools
Note: Now, it needs to be understood here that this tool is actually made keeping PPC advertisers in mind. Therefore, there are many features present in this tool which will not be that much useful for you if you are using this tool to find keywords for SEO friendly blog posts.
Step- 4

Find new keywords:-

When you start with “Discover New Keywords“, you will have two main options. Like ‘Start with a Keyword.’ or ‘Start with a website‘. When it comes to finding keywords, then you have to choose the first option i.e. Start with a Keyword option.

Free Keyword Planner Tools

Now enter keywords to find related search terms here.

Free Keyword Planner Tools

You can enter a maximum of 10 keywords in this keyword suggestion tool. If you want, you can also enter 1 keyword in it. When you enter your keyword here, you will see many relevant keywords. While entering keywords, you will get some suggestive key terms which will help you to generate a long list of keywords. So, in this way, with the help of Google keyword planner free tool, you can find SEO friendly keywords for Blog post.

Is Google Keyword Planner used for SEO?

Actually, Google Keyword Planner is not made for SEO. Its main purpose is to help you with Google Ads campaigns. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for SEO. With a special focus on search engine optimization, you will not find as many features as you will find on Google Keyword Planner.

Few Free keyword planner tools

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool.
Microsoft Advertising Intelligence.
Bing and Google search terms report.
Google auto-suggest
Keyword everywhere

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Free Keyword Planner Tools

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